Can Building a New Home Really Be Eco-Friendly?

Can Building a New Home Really Be Eco-Friendly?

There are a lot of choices a person can make in their daily lives to live more eco-friendly. Some choices are simple, like recycling a plastic bottle, and others are more difficult, like using less water every day. One choice that a lot of people struggle with is the home they will live in.

There are so many benefits to building a new home, like personalization and sound construction, but it is commonly thought of as a practice that is very damaging to the environment. However, this does not need to be the case. Here are some ways building a new home can be eco-friendly.

Choose the right area to build in

Picking the right location is half the battle when building a home that will have little effect on the environment. People need to make sure that the lot they choose will not only be able to be altered minimally to build the home, but that the lot will also be able to encourage the eco-friendly efforts a person puts in place. Look for new homes for sale in Utah to find an idea of a great lot.

Work with nature

In continuation with the previous point, a truly green home is one that will blend in well with its surroundings. This means using the natural elements around the home to enhance the home and avoid creating an environmentally-damaging version. For example, build the deck underneath trees for natural shade.

Invest in quality doors and windows

Doors and windows are the most common areas where heat and cool air are lost in the home. Making sure these areas are sealed completely can help a person cut down their heating and cooling costs dramatically. Look for new doors and windows that are tested for energy efficiency.

Add extra insulation

Insulation is the next defense against loss of energy in the home. There are common standards that most building contractors will follow to make sure a home is energy-efficient enough, but those who want their home to be even greener might take these recommendations a step further and add more insulation.

Install an automatic thermostat

One new technology that is changing the way people save energy in their homes is an automatic thermostat. These smart thermostats allow people to set what temperature they want each room to be and know that the thermostat will adjust to keep the home comfortable while still saving as much energy costs as possible.

Be minimal with space

When building a new house, it is easy for a person to feel like the sky is the limit and want to build as big as they possibly can. However, more space also means more wasted resources. Only build as much space as needed.

Include solar power options

Solar power used to be thought of as a technology that was not available to the average residential home. However, there are a lot of new options today that make using solar power affordable and practical for any average house.