Build Your Own Green Future

Build Your Own Green Future

Have you been inspired by the latest Kevin McCloud show and felt compelled to build an eco-haven on your own piece of land?

We’ve all become familiar with benefits, both to the environment and to our bank accounts, by tapping into our eco-conscience. From solar panels, to ground source heat pumps, from living roofs to under-floor heating, each of these green alternatives to traditional ways of running our homes could save a hefty sum of money in the long term.

Maybe it’s one of your planned New Year’s Resolutions to unleash your inner eco warrior and take your green credentials to the next level. What better way than by bolding going where few have gone before and building your eco home from scratch? When approximately 35% of the cost of building a house comes from labour, the savings are substantial.

Green energy promoters in recent years have walked the lightly trodden path to self-building their own unique dwelling, with little if no experience of construction or environmental science. If you’re looking to be involved in the process yourself then learning providers have responded to this by offering affordable and accessible training courses which can be attended at training venues or online.

If the promise of the ‘good life’ and getting your hands dirty whilst living in a more self-sustainable lifestyle isn’t the stuff your dreams are made of, then maybe the financial statistics will add up;

  • An average home with solar panels on a south facing roof can expect to see approximately 9% return on investment; calculators are now widely available for estimates specific to your property
  • A standard pre brick built home will costs an average of just under £200,000, whereas a self builder will save approximately £70,000 on labour alone, without factoring in the savings on alternative materials
  • Government financial incentives such as the Feed in Tariff Scheme are also awarded to green homeowners in the UK

These financial rewards, teamed with the fact that your self-sustained eco home will be exempt from power cuts suffered by the rest of the nation (if you go off grid, of course), do pose a tempting prospect.

Admittedly, going the whole hog and building a new dwelling from scratch is not for the faint hearted; but even making moderate changes such as replacing central heating for under-floor heating or taking advantage of government incentives all benefits the Green Agenda we should all be working to, in ensuring our planet remains healthy for future generations.