Benefits of Sleeping on a Tulo Mattress

Benefits of Sleeping on a Tulo Mattress


Tulo is an affordable memory foam mattress which is available in medium soft, medium, firm, and medium firm. It’s a bed-in-a-box that is growing in popularity because you can buy it online and easily set it up. The best thing about Tulo mattresses is that you can test the firmness of the mattress in their mattress firm stores before you buy it online. Each mattress has 4 layers of comfortable foam that is engineered to support and adapt to your body to give you a great feeling which is topped off with a soft and breathable cover.

Now, let’s see why you need to sleep on a Tulo mattress.

Motion isolation

Tulo mattress  have an 8-inch layer of high-density foam that gives the mattress some bounce at the same time isolating any movement on it. It has various foam layers but the memory foam absorbs any vibration on the bed which limits you from disturbing your partner. This means that you get a good night sleep without any disturbance from your partner. This layer that absorbs motion is found at the bottom of the mattress has no coils in the middle which prevents you from bouncing off the edge because it has built-in extra edge support. This mattress is firmer than other average mattresses which are also an advantage when it comes to motion isolation.

Edge support

Having strong edge support on your mattress is very important. Thanks to the high-density foams that make up a Tulo mattress, your weight is evenly distributed and you get great support. Tulo mattresses have 4 layers of foam, the cool flow memory foam at the top, the responsive polyfoam, the high resiliency poly foam, and the high-density base foam. These layers give you edge support when sitting on the edge and you will not feel any difference whether you sleep on the edge or in the middle. However, you might notice a slight sag at the edges if a lot of weight is placed on the mattress for a long period of time.


Tulo mattress is made of different memory foams that give it a slight smell. When you unpack your new mattress you may notice a slight smell. If you’re sensitive to smells it’s advisable to let the mattress air for about 12 hours before using it. By the time the mattress has fully expanded the smell will have disappeared.

Comfort and feel

This mattress is made of different layers of memory foam which helps you sleep better and more relaxed while providing strong support for your back and joints. This mattress is designed with different firmness options. The soft mattress is recommended for side sleepers because there is less pressure applied on your shoulders and side that can cause pain leaving you comfortable for a peaceful night’s rest. The medium mattress is good for stomach sleepers because it’s more comfortable and provides support for your body without putting a lot of pressure on your stomach and internal organs. You feel supported when lying flat and your spine remains aligned since the bed doesn’t sink.

Back sleepers can use the firm mattress because it provides maximum support for your neck, back, shoulders, and joints. However, if you aren’t sure which mattress is good for you, you can go for the medium mattress which can provide adequate support and comfort for the stomach, back or side sleepers.


Tulo mattresses are made of foam but they might not be as soft as you might think. There is a memory foam top layer which gives you a cushiony mild feeling that relieves pressure but at the same time you don’t sink and get stuck in the mattress. The mattress has a nice balance between pressure relief and support. Depending on your weight, the firmness of a mattress may vary.

You get a bouncy effect after pressure is released on the top layer of this mattress which is quite impressive especially from a memory foam mattress. This is because most memory foam mattresses contour to the shape of your body which makes it a bit difficult to switch positions during the night. Tulo mattresses are much firmer which prevents you from sinking in the bed and the bed doesn’t hug you or contour with your body. This makes it easier to switch positions at night.

Temperature regulation

Naturally, the foam is known to trap heat, however, the layers in this mattress ensure that heat is released to keep you cool throughout the night. Tulo mattresses regardless of their size or firmness have a neutral which means you will neither feel cool nor warm during the night. Keep in mind that your weight also plays a role in how cool or warm you feel at night. When you sink in the mattress too much you get warmer but if your mattress is firmer you feel cooler. This gives the mattress more breathable space.

Different layers in the mattress

Tulo mattress has 4 layers of foam meant to relieve pressure on the different parts of your body at the same time providing comfort. The base foam has a 5-inch high-density base foam which is the firmest of all the layers. The next foam is a 1.5-inch resiliency firm foam that reduces the surface compression and bridges the gap between the base foam and the softer top layers. Next is a 1.5-inch responsive polyfoam and the top layer is a 2-inch cool flow ventilated memory foam or gel memory foam.

Have you fallen in love with Tulo mattresses yet?

When choosing a mattress it’s important you check the firmness, motion isolation, comfort, and edge support. Tulo mattresses give you comfort and provide support for your body and joints. The different types of firmness will help you choose which is best according to your weight and sleeping position. This mattress is easy to set up and very durable. It comes with a medium thick knitted polyester and Tencel cover that is soft and breathable. You can easily clean it with water and a mild detergent.