The Benefits of Drinking Reverse-Osmosis Water

The Benefits of Drinking Reverse-Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis drinking water is produced through a process that mimics the way water is naturally filtered in nature, with a handful of technological enhancements. Reverse osmosis is faster than nature, and it cleans water much more efficiently and within less space.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Simply put, osmosis drinking water is produced when water passes through a “semi-permeable layer”. In nature, this layer could consist of volcanic rock, sand, and so on.

Reverse-osmosis water is when this process is flipped around, however it’s pretty much the same as that of nature. Instead, when reverse osmosis water is artificially produced, it passes through a semi-permeable layer that can be bought, maintained, and replaced. Instead of metres of sand or volcanic rock, this man-made semi-permeable layer is incredibly thin by comparison and works in a predictable, measurable way.

The end result is a high quality, potable drinking water that rivals even bottled water –as bottled water is commonly known for not being regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and contains much more bacteria because it sits in the supply chain so long. Without chlorination, bottled water usually has more bacteria in it than tap water even by the time it touches your lips. And without regulation, they don’t have to put that on the label. Pretty sneaky.

As for reverse-osmosis water; it’s also chlorine free. However, most people tend to drink it at the source, before it gets a chance to be contaminated like bottled water often does. It’s becoming increasingly common for individuals and family households to augment their tap water with a reverse osmosis system under their kitchen counter. It serves as another layer of protection from our failing infrastructure. After all, when do you think the last time your municipality’s water supply pipes were changed?

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis in the Kitchen

  1. Prevents Bacteria and Chemicals From Entering Your Body

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems in the kitchen are an added level of protection against bacteria, and even harmful chemicals that are showing up in municipal water supplies from fracking. If there’s fracking in your neighbourhood, we strongly suggest an under counter reverse osmosis system. A reverse osmosis water filter can remove almost 100% of all water impurities.

  1. Reverse Osmosis is Cheaper than Bottled Water –and Cleaner, too.

As we already mentioned, reverse osmosis is cleaner than bottled water because you drink it at the source. It doesn’t sit in a lengthy supply chain journey or get bottled into BPA plastic bottles where it sits in heat for days and weeks on end, or in rat-infested warehouses and trucks along the way.

  1. Reverse Osmosis Prevents Diseases in Humans

They say fluoride and chlorine can do a whole bunch of nasty things to your body –and reverse osmosis removes these chemicals and so much more. This is especially true for developing bodies, so moms and dads take note!

In Conclusion

Reverse osmosis drinking water brings the convenience of bottled water into your home without the environmental destruction that comes with it. It also provides an added layer of security to your municipal tap water. Purchasing home water filtration systems can help provide clean, healthy and great tasting water in your very own kitchen.

To accompany this luxury of the best drinking water you can drink in this polluted world, we suggest using a stainless steel water canteen along with it so you never have to drink from a BPA-leeching bottle again.

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