Artificial Grass Doesn’t Look Fake, Even In A Drought

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Look Fake, Even In A Drought

As we predicted last month, the UK is suffering under unprecedented sunshine. Parts of Essex and Herts have had little more than a millimetre of rain since May and this has turned many lawns yellow. Of course, if you have artificial grass, this is not a problem as your lawn will still be lush green. However, is that what you really want? No problem, we can install lawns that are made to look more natural.

A natural lawn will always have elements of brown and yellow grass, and during times of low rainfall, this is even more obvious. Artificial lawns that are one shade of dark green suddenly look very out of place, especially when they have been laid as a front lawn. Fortunately, there are many styles of artificial grass that are designed to mimic a real lawn, at least, a real lawn that is not meticulously managed by a very keen gardener! Let’s take a look at our most natural looking fake grasses.


Our Aberdeen grass is a soft yet strong artificial grass which is great in summer as it mimics a very well kept lawn. There is a good balance of light yellow blades along with several light green shades and is therefore perfect for these scorched summer days.

Tauro Artificial Grass

Tauro  Artificial Grass is longer than Aberdeen, and has a lighter shade of green with a non-shine finish, and has many yellow blades throughout the lawn. As well as looking great, Tauro feels fantastic underfoot with a thick realistic thatch that is a real pleasure to walk on. Tauro is an Eco Friendly artificial grass too, so you will be helping the environment even more with this product.

Delta Artificial Grass

Delta is another thick pile grass which stands at 32mm tall. It is great for family gardens and looks very realistic, with a range of yellow and green shades throughout. Because this grass is so soft children love to play on it – it’s almost like a thick pile carpet! The blades in the thatch are not only different shades but also different sizes and shapes.

Any of these artificial grasses will look fantastic in your garden all year round. Your friends and neighbours will be wondering how you manage to maintain such an immaculate lawn all year round, especially during heat waves and droughts. While everybody else’s lawns turn from lush green to light green and then to yellow, your lawn will stay looking fantastic all year round.

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