Are Electric Snow Blowers Actually Any Good?

Are Electric Snow Blowers Actually Any Good?

As we are still slowly heading out of winter, there is still a lot of snow in many places. If you are looking to remove snow more efficiently than just using brawn alone, therefore, you may have considered investing in one of the many snow blowers on the market. However, if you are also trying to lead a greener and eco-friendlier lifestyle, you may be put off the idea of using a gas-guzzling snow blower.

The great news is that there are plenty of electric snow blowers out there. That begs the question then, are electric snow blowers actually any good? In the following post, we want to provide you with her view and thoughts on this topic.

Important to Note

The thing you need to note though, before deciding on whether to invest in an electric model instead of a gas one, is the size of your property. There are some people who feel that electric, especially the lower priced, lower powered models, are not ideal for larger areas when it comes to snow clearance. However, if you are not worried about that, some of the benefits of electric snow blowers are as follows.

Electric Snow Blower Benefits

Obviously, there are many pros and cons to electric snow blowers. Here though, we don’t want to focus on the fact that you need to use either a battery or mains power connection to power your electric snow blower and that could limit and restrict your usage. Rather, we want to focus on the very real benefits and advantages.

These include:

Lightweight and Convenient

Gas-powered snow blowers, due to the bulky engine, tend to be rather heavy and are not particularly easy to store. In comparison, electric snow blowers are considerably lighter and because you don’t need to be cautious of the gas canisters or gas engine and leaks, they are much easier to store away when you are finished using them.

Less Maintenance Required

Not only do you not have to worry about topping up your electric snow blower with energy whenever it runs low or completely runs out, because it is always supplied by the mains or battery pack. But they also do not require much in the way of maintenance, with a yearly machine service being the minimum requirement. Compared to a gas snow blower that should be checked and assessed regularly.

Lower Running Costs

As noted above, because you don’t need to constantly pay out for gas every time you use your snow blower, electric models are much more cost-effective on a day to day basis. You may from time to time, need to replace your plug or rechargeable battery, but this is very rare.

Less Noise Pollution

One of the biggest issues, just like leaf blowers, with snow blowers, is the level of noise they generate. This is more an issue with gas-powered models though, as electric snow blowers have much quieter engines and therefore are less likely to annoy your neighbours.