5 Things You Need to do for the Outside of Your House

5 Things You Need to do for the Outside of Your House

It’s all too easy to concentrate on the interior of your home and forget that there are jobs to do on the outside too. The following article looks at some of the jobs that you can do – some DIY and others where you might want to bring in the professionals – to keep the exterior maintained, so let’s have a look.

Check Your Windows

Windows play an essential part not just in letting light into your home and protecting you against the elements, but also in security. A cracked or broken window is an open invitation to thieves. Take a walk around your home and have a look for any damage. You may know where there are broken panes, and you should get these fixed as soon as possible. You can fix single panes yourself, but if you have double or triple, we recommend you get the professionals in.

Install Exterior Lights

Exterior lights both on your home and in the drive and garden are both attractive and a deterrent to thieves. There are many different types of exterior lighting that you can install around your home. We suggest lights that detect motion for security, and others that you can buy that are attached to short poles for lining a drive or path. These are often solar powered and look for LED for the best efficiency.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned Regularly

Your gutters are up on the roof, and you will rarely pay attention to them, yet it is essential that you get them professionally cleaned annually. During the fall and winter leaves and other debris can gather in the guttering and downpipes causing rainwater to pool on the roof and overflow down the walls. This can cause considerable damage which, if not tackled early or prevented, will cost a great deal to repair. An example of a good gutter cleaners Atlanta residents are happy with is Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning who provide professional services at competitive rates.

Clear Debris from the Drains

While you are checking your gutters for damage or those tell-tale overflows, we recommend you have your drains checked as they can suffer from blockage due to debris also. Drains serve a vital purpose in taking rainwater and wastewater away from the home so need to be clear of debris to avoid flooding. If you see unusual pools of water, it may be that a nearby drain is blocked and needs clearing.

Pressure Wash the Driveway

Over time your driveway and paths will become stained and also moss will start to grow on them, and this looks unsightly. The answer is a pressure washer, which will quickly and effectively bring your paving’s back to good as new in no time. This is another job you can do yourself, and there are also professionals offering pressure washing solutions in and around Atlanta.

We hope we’ve given you sufficient inspiration to get the outside of your house looking clean, tidy and beautiful as well as being secure.