5 Things to Look for When Hiring A Duct Vent Cleaner

5 Things to Look for When Hiring A Duct Vent Cleaner

It great to have your duct vents cleaned and looked after regularly.  Clean air ducts mean better energy efficiency for HVAC systems, better air quality, good respiratory health for everyone, and overall proper heat distribution.  It’s also required in most cities to clean your duct vents every few years, say three years, depending on where you live.

Hiring a professional duct vent cleaner is, therefore, worth it, but how do you find one? Here are five important things to look out for when hiring a duct vent cleaner:

1.   Make Sure They Are Licensed and Registered

There are many unscrupulous contractors out there pretending to offer professional duct vent cleaning services.  However, air duct cleaning requires some skill, experience, and equipment to be effective. Look for a contractor that is licensed to deal with HVAC systems and has a solid track record in the trade.

Additionally, it would be wise to select a duct vent cleaning company that is an active member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). This way, you’ll know that you are dealing with a reputable contractor that will deliver as advertised or as agreed.

2.   Do They Offer A Formal Contract?

An unprofessional or rogue duct vent cleaning company would want to keep everything off the books and probably decline if you ask to sign a formal work contract with them. Dealing with HVAC systems is risky and possibly costly if anything goes wrong.

Only work with duct vent cleaning companies that are ready to sign a work contract detailing all the work to be done on your duct vents, what happens if things go wrong, and how much you will need to pay. At the same time, you should ask that they agree to pay for any damages and other costs that are not of your own doing.

3.   Who Is Going to Do the Cleaning?

It’s good to do some digging and find out If the company has trained and insured cleaners on hand for the job. As mentioned before, duct vent cleaning requires skilled professionals with a solid understanding of how HVAC systems work. Ideally, the company should have one or more of its professional duct vent cleaning staff with formal training in HVAC systems.

At the same time, it’s advisable for legal reasons to work with a company that has insured staff and any other form of insurance necessary, such as damage insurance. This will shield you as the client from potentially costly litigation should injuries or something worse happen to someone on the cleaning team.

4.   Transparent Billing/ Pricing

Only select a company that offers to do an inspection of your duct system and quote a price or offer all-in-one cleaning packages. Avoid companies that hesitate or refuse to give transparent pricing. Due to the nature of the job, it’s very common to find contractors hiding costs in small print or changing prices on the fly.

For instance, some contractors will demand more money if they find mold or significant blockages in the duct vent system. This should have been established at the inspection stage before signing a contract.

5.   Do They Have the Right Equipment?

One way to tell a duct vent cleaning scam from a legitimate business is to ask or research on the kind of machines and tools they have. A serious duct vent company should at least have a professional duct cleaning kit, lint remover, dust extractors, antimicrobial shields, and appropriate PPE.

All in all, duct vent cleaning is an important activity. It should be done professionally due to the interval between one cleaning job to another (mostly 3 to 4 years). You’ll want to make sure that the job was done correctly by working with a reputable duct vent cleaning company.