5 Step Guide To Buying Home Theatres

5 Step Guide To Buying Home Theatres

Photo by PascalSijen, CC BY 2.0

With the advancement of technology, the era has witnessed lot miniatures of the comparatively huge things so as to suit the convenience of the audience. While today technology and entertainment are going hand in hand, it has become important for the devices to blend with the upcoming trends. Since the movie industry is on the boom and there is a large number of audience that follows the industry, home theatres let you experience your favourite movies theatre style, even years after the movie has been released. There are a lot of brands like Sony, Philips, LG Home Theatres and many more that are available in the market and ensure to let the customers experience nothing but the best. Here is a 5 step guide for buying a home theatre.

  1. Setting a budget

The first and the foremost step for setting up a home theatre are to figure the budget that you are ready to invest. With so many products available in the market and all manufacturers quote a different pricing, it is important to be very sure of what you are exactly looking for and how much do you wish to spend. Usually take a margin of 10% for the budget but setting a budget will bring you down to shortlist options and start rationally and in an organized way.

  1. Style it out

Know your style. Know exactly what you are searching for and what it that you will like to have. This factor usually depends upon the space where the home theatre system has to be set up. Choose the setting that customizes the space and the persona. Always keep it simple. One of the biggest mistakes that people do is either putting up much equipment and making it a chaos or keeping it to basic and not getting the feel of a home theatre. Hence one should establish a balance for getting the perfectly stylish home theatre to compliment your décor.

  1. Customize the entire package

It is okay to not pick the basic equipment of the same brand. Everything depends on what you want and what budget you are ready to invest. The three basic needs of a home theatre are a television, a DVD player and a sound system. While it is said that wider the television, the better it is, one can always go for a television that they feel right. With the range of televisions one can choose from LED TVs, Plasma TVs, HD TVs or many others. Usually anything above 42” will be a good choice. DVD player is another important component of the entire setting. With options that are available in the market and every DVD system having its own limitations and advantages, it is important to choose the right DVD player to compliment your television. Lastly, it is the sound system that provides the effects of a theatre. The better the sound system, the better is the capability to give you the theatre like experience.

  1. Choosing the number of speakers

Today the audio of all the movies are recorded in either in Dolby Digital or DTS Formats and hence it is important to choose the speakers that support the sound. A complete surround sound shall consist of speakers ranging from 5 to 7, entirely depending on the sound quality and on the area of the room. The basic justifications for these speakers are one speaker on the left, right and centre each. Apart from that at least two satellite speakers and one subwoofer for controlling the bass. In larger rooms an extra speaker might be needed at the back of the room to provide a complete surround sound.

  1. Getting the connections

Last but not the least, after getting all the equipment in place, the most important and the vital part is the connectivity. Any number of equipment, no matter how superior the quality of the system is, it is nothing if not properly connected. While making the connections, ensure that the wires are of appropriate length so as to connect with the entire system. Also keep in mind, the kind of plugs that would be required to isolate or reduce the chances of any mishaps.

An amazing surround sound system will ensure a power packed experience every time you watch your favourite movie. It will also make you proud for all the efforts that were taken for setting the entire set up.