5 Reasons Why You Might Need an Extension

5 Reasons Why You Might Need an Extension

At some point, you might find yourself debating whether or not you want to build an extension on that empty backyard, front porch, or any piece of free land around your home. Maybe you need some renting space, a conservatory, or perhaps your family has grown bigger and fighting over floor space.

Extensions are quite popular around the world and even more here in the UK. How would you know if it’s the right time to build one for yourself?

Here are the top five reasons why it would make sense to build an extension and the potential benefits:

1.   You Need More Floor Space

Most young families in the UK start with a relatively small home but soon realize they need a bit more space as the kids grow and family gets bigger. At this point, that tiny cottage or semi-detached house doesn’t feel so cozy any more as kids need playrooms, their chill spots, etc.

Faced with the above challenge, your option would be to pack up and find a bigger home or just build an extension if possible. You can easily expand your floor space and have all the room you need for your larger family through an extension project.

2.   Renting Out

Perhaps one of the most common reasons for building an extension, at least in the UK, is for renting purposes. That oversized backyard or garage could be easily converted to a decent rental studio apartment or something nicer and bigger, depending on your needs. To do this, you’ll, of course, need to comply with UK laws on rental property and pass the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) inspection.

Building an extension for rental property can be a great way to increase your monthly income and possibly open new opportunities for you as a landlord. At the same time, you’ll have some good company around should you get good tenants.

3.   Expanding Your Garage

Another primary reason you would want an extension is to increase your garage space. This is especially important If you own multiple cars or have limited street parking in your neighborhood. In such cases, the cost to extend over a garage is justifiable, given the benefits and peace of mind you will get with a bigger garage.

4.   Extra Bathroom or Bedrooms

Having to share a bathroom or bedroom is not desirable, especially when you have teenagers or other people living with you. Instead of finding a bigger home, you could opt to remodel your current home and have an extra bathroom or bedroom added.

For instance, you can expand an existing storage room into a nice bathroom cheaply.  Extensions prices for such projects are quite attractive in the UK hence the reason why you would go that direction.

5.   To Increase the Value of Your Home

A correctly done extension with the right finishes will add some value to your home and make you some profit if you want to sell. If your home had a small kitchen or a single bathroom, an extension might increase its appeal and value by a significant margin. This is one of the tricks used by real estate resellers in the UK and around the world.

All in all, an extension is always a nice way to spend money on your home if it makes sense to you. With a volatile property market and demand for housing, extensions will remain one of the popular home improvement and remodeling options here in the UK.