5 Ideas for Decorating a Small Porch

5 Ideas for Decorating a Small Porch



In order to minimize the constructions costs, many new homes come with porches so small, you’re not really sure what you can even do with them. However, a small front porch can be just as beautiful as an expansive patio ‒ if you know how to decorate it. Most porch designs focus on the colors, doors, furniture, and railings, and enhancing the appearance of even just one element can take the overall attractiveness of your home to a whole new level. So, to help you increase your curb appeal, here are five ideas you should consider.

Brighten it up

If your porch is small and dark, it probably doesn’t look very inviting. The best way to bring it to life is by adding a pop of color, so paint your doors and railings in some pleasant, warm colors. Pastel colors usually work pretty well, but you can also combine light and dark shades, like navy and white for example. Such combinations will make your small porch seem bigger, more comfortable, and more cheerful. Just don’t forget to change the color of your furniture as well, and add a couple of hanging flower baskets and some small or medium plants for a more welcoming feel.

Get rid of clutter

It’s not hard to see how clutter could make small porches appear even smaller, so make sure to reduce it as much as you can. Don’t introduce more furniture than you need ‒ or more than your porch can comfortably fit. Choose smaller flowerpots instead of the bigger ones, and don’t allow one furniture piece to take up the entire porch. Having a cluttered porch can only detract from its actual purpose, and in some cases, even make it completely impractical. This is why you should try to replace everything that’s too big or too worn out with something new, functional, and more visually appealing.

Blur the boundaries

Connecting your porch with the surrounding areas can create a sense of balance and make your porch appear more spacious. Therefore, instead of using regular doors, you can opt for beautiful sliding doors from Sydney and make your porch look like a modern extension of your interior. For blending it with the rest of your yard, you can use trailing flowers in colors that match other plants and flowers in the yard.

Spice up your front door

A great way to make your porch stand out is adding an eye-catching element to your front door. For instance, you can add a unique door knocker and make your house numbers just a bit too big. Or, instead of drilling your numbers into the door, you can use an interesting decal. Another thing you can do to spice up your door is add a beautiful flower wreath or a unique swag that will reflect your personal style.

Screened porch

If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant and intimate, consider adding window screens so you can enjoy the outdoors even when the weather is not so enjoyable. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about insects flying into your morning coffee if you enjoy drinking it on your porch. Having an enclosed porch would also allow you to decorate it with furniture you’d typically use indoors and create a more homey atmosphere.

Just because your front porch is small, it doesn’t mean you should neglect it. After all, it is a part of your home’s entrance, which is why it should be able to make a great impression on your visitors. Liven it up with colors and flowers, make sure it is always clean, match it with the rest of your exterior, and you will definitely enjoy spending time on it more than ever before.