5 Common Dishwasher Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Now!

5 Common Dishwasher Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Now!

Got a dishwasher? Think you know how to use it properly? Think again. There are many people out there who have these wondrous appliances in their kitchens and still don’t really know the right and wrong way to use them. So, if you would like to better improve your dishwasher skills, check out some the most common things, according to the experts at Repair Aid, that many dishwasher owners do, that they really shouldn’t.

Spooning Spoons with Other Spoons

Although it may look cute to see them all snuggled up closely together and save some space, you really want to avoid spoons spooning with other spoons. Why? When they are packed together like that, the detergent and water can’t get between them to clean them as thoroughly. It is more effective to alternate your spoons with some of them heads up and others heads down. This will also work with forks too.

Loading It a Piece at a Time

Fair enough, you don’t want to have a stinky pile of dirty dishes on the side of your sink, just staring at you, waiting. So, you put those dishes into the dishwasher as they are used, thinking you are doing the right thing. Wrong! It is better to load them all in at the same time. You will be better able to make the most efficient use of the space available, especially if you begin with your larger dishes and then fill in the gaps with smaller ones.

Putting Expensive, High Quality Knives in the Washer

This is seriously bad news – for those awesome sharp knives you have that make you feel like a real chef. If you do happen to have an expensive, high quality set of knives, and are interested in them lasting you a long time and staying in reasonable condition, don’t put them into the dishwasher. A combination of the high temperature, abrasive detergent and all that jostling around with the other dishes and cutlery will prematurely dull your blade and even create nicks along its edge.

Not Giving the Sprayer Arm the Attention it Deserves

You see that sprayer arm in the centre of your dishwasher? That’s where ‘the magic happens’. When you are loading your dishwasher, your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to ensure that all the dishes and other items you want cleaned have the clearest path possible to that component. The best way to make this happen is by loading all plates so they are facing the centre of the washer and avoiding that tendency of overloading the machine. Although you may have to run through a few wash cycles to clear your dirty dishes load, doing it like this will guarantee that each load is cleaned and rinsed thoroughly, first time.

Unload from the Bottom Up

For many people that heading might make absolutely no sense. Although we understand where you are coming from, hear us out. If you happen to have any cups that you have stacked absent-mindedly upturned in the top rack, they may well be full of disgusting dish water, and what happens the minute you turn them over to put them away? That’s right, all that dirty water pours over the platys and other items waiting below.

To avoid this happening, always start from the bottom and work up when unloading.