4 Reasons to Use Cotton Bags Instead of Plastic for Trick or Treating

4 Reasons to Use Cotton Bags Instead of Plastic for Trick or Treating



Halloween is almost upon us once again, and children up and down the country are getting ready to scare themselves silly watching Halloween films and playing Halloween games, all while feasting on the goodies they picked up from trick or treating.

If you have some young kids who are looking forward to donning their costumes and knocking on doors, you’ll probably just be thinking of giving them a plastic bag to carry everything home in, but here are just 4 reasons to provide a cotton one instead.

  1. More Room for Loot

Let’s start with what’s most important: the treats! The plastic Halloween boxes that are sold at supermarkets can be a little on the small side, and even a plastic bag has its limits. A cotton bag, on the other hand, boasts the kind of cavernous dimensions that children need to hold as much of the sweet stuff as possible. Cotton is also far stronger than plastic, so the bag is unlikely to spill its spoils out thanks to an unfortunate rip.

  1. Crafty Personalisation

Plastic bags don’t look that cool, even the Halloween-themed ones that you can pick up at the supermarket tend to be a little dull. Instead of going with something boring, just turn your cotton shopping bag inside out to have a blank canvas. You can go arts and crafts on it to make each one unique. This is a great way to get your kids into the Halloween spirit before the day itself.

  1. A Tradition in the Making

Since you can personalise a cotton bag, you’ll be less likely to simply throw it away after Halloween is done for another year. Instead, you can take your kid’s bags and then save them for next time. You can even add new drawings each Halloween and turn it into a bit of a tradition. Just like each kid has their own Christmas stocking, each can now have their own special trick or treating sack.

  1. Won’t Scare the Environment

It might be time for everyone to get spooky and have a little fun, but it’s always best to keep things eco-friendly if you can. Unfortunately, people often consume a lot of waste during Halloween, with plenty of costumes, masks, and decorations simply thrown away when November rolls around. Fight back against that trend by using cotton instead of plastic.