4 Green Tips for the Modern Household

4 Green Tips for the Modern Household

It is never too late to finally start having a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, and it surely doesn’t have to necessarily be an instant huge step. Here are four tips to start going green in the comfort of our own homes, even when we don’t have the luxury of time to segregate our trash and plant more trees.

Get Creative

Whether it’s for a class project or a simple passion project, save money by creating new things out of your trash and other unusables, instead of spending time and gas driving to the recyclers to throw them away.. Tattered towels and clothes could be cut up and used as cleaning rags.  That electric fan you just threw out could be transformed into a deconstructed piece for your living room or bedroom. Old coin banks can still be cleaned up and polished to make them look brand new, and you might just get lucky if you stumble upon some loose change you can stick into a commercial washer at the laundromat.

Spend Smart

When grocery shopping, opt for items that either have reusable or biodegradable packaging. Unnecessary plastic wrap will not only add to your personal clutter at home. It’ll also contribute to your personal carbon footprint. When buying household appliances, choose the ones that enable less energy consumption. Doing so is not only great for the environment; it’ll also do wonders for your monthly utility bill. Also, don’t forget to bring your own reusable shopping bags to lessen plastic bag usage. Go for reusable bags are not only utilitarian in terms of carrying size, but also chic and stylish. Companies nowadays also now doing their part to enable us consumers to easily reduce our carbon footprints.


Simply bringing reusable bottles and bags to school and work already helps save money and the environment by avoiding buying disposable plastic containers that don’t even get segregated properly, usually adding to harmful environmental garbage. Whenever you drop by your local coffee shop, ask if they’d be willing to serve your drink in a reusable coffee cup, which is not only a good investment because of its reusability, but is also a style statement. Try opting out of receiving plastic utensils whenever you order take-away or have food delivered to your home.


Find time to get as much information on how to live a greener lifestyle and support communities and groups that can help us with it. There are so many books on developing a more environment-friendly lifestyle ready for your perusal at your local bookstore. But if you’re an bigger nature nut, you could always scour the Internet for blogs and forums where you can learn how to minimize your carbon footprint, discover establishments that offer environment-friendly services (like laundromats that use washers from Continental Girbau), and find other ways to be more environmentally economical and responsible.

Doing our part to help save the environment doesn’t have to take up a lot of our time and money. All we need is to start a conscious shift in our lifestyles, no matter how small that start is, and work from there.