4 Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas

4 Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas


More and more people are getting on board with the idea of decorating in eco-friendly ways. Using eco-friendly decor can improve the look of your house, help the environment by producing less waste and releasing fewer harmful chemicals, and contrary to most people’s belief, eco decorating can be much friendlier on your budget. Here are my four top tips for decorating your home in an eco-friendly way.

Add a Coat of Paint

Don’t throw away that old piece of furniture just because you hate the colour of it! Use a low VOC paint to give fresh new life to your tired or walls. If you don’t have the time to spend painting all the walls in the house, you could hire a local painter to do it for you. You’d be surprised how easily a coat of primer and paint can completely transform a once boring space. If you don’t want to invest time or money painting entire rooms, try painting an accent wall instead. Even small home decorations like plant pots and mirrors can sometimes benefit from a fresh coat!

Try Woodworking

If you’re handy and are willing to invest time into a big project, consider using reclaimed wood to make new furniture and house decor. There are so many great and varied projects out there so you’re likely to find something that’s right for you, whether you’re a complete newbie with an electric screwdriver, or you’ve been building and sanding for years. You could use old crates, palettes, or even repurpose old furniture that you’ve thrifted, or have laying around. There’s no point in buying new wood if you can find the same thing for much cheaper elsewhere!

Utilise Fabric

If you’re less of a builder and more of a sewist, add some style to your room by recovering old pillows in fabric. You could buy eco-friendly materials, or even use old clothing material to create your covers! Look into making your own curtains too, they’re surprisingly easy to sew yourself, and you could even use cute decorative grommets to hang your curtains if you want to add a bit of uniqueness, and don’t want to spend quite as much time sewing. If you’re feeling daring, sew your own quilt cover. Just make sure to include clasps or zips at the bottom to that your old quilt is secure underneath.

Bottle Made Candle Holders

If you’re fond of a glass of wine every evening, one final idea is to reuse your bottles and turn them into candle holders.  You can cut the bottles to size using just a piece of string and some nail varnish remover.  Then, all you need to do is secure them firmly to a table and place a candle inside.  Not only is this idea eco-friendly, but it’ll leave your home feeling cosy as well.

So don’t throw away all those old clothes or pieces of furniture just yet! Have one last look at them and imagine them in a different colour or in a new part of your home. You’ll most likely have a hidden treasure or two!