3 Safety Plans You Should Already Have in Place for Your Employees

3 Safety Plans You Should Already Have in Place for Your Employees


Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, even the workplace. It is scary to think about, but the best thing you can do is be prepared and have plans. Below are 3 types of safety plans you should already have in place for your employees.

1. Fire

Have a detailed evacuation plan and post it with maps around the office. Make sure everyone knows what to do, what the fire alarm sounds like, and how to help those who need assistance. Designate a meeting point and appoint certain people to be the leaders who can help make sure everyone is okay and accounted for. Conduct regular fire drills and always look to see where improvement is needed.

2. Weather

Find places that are appropriate storm shelters. These are interior rooms on the ground floor with no windows. Put signs on the doors of these rooms and place maps with the shelter locations throughout the building. Check that your employees know how to duck and cover and find out if anyone needs assistance. Make storm survival kits to put in each shelter room. Also, have a weather tracking station on your desk so that you can receive updated forecasts and alerts and then relay that information to your employees. Severe weather drills are helpful as well.

3. Armed Intruder

If an armed intruder enters your building, it is important to realize that your actions depend on where you are in location to the threat. Your employees should know that they may have to run, lock and barricade themselves in a room, or, and only as a last resort, fight for their lives until police arrive. Practice taking action and staying calm with armed intruder drills.

One thing that is necessary for any workplace safety plan is an emergency text alert system. It is an easy way to instantly send messages to all employees. They will be informed no matter where they are in the workplace.

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