Why You Should Rent Instead Of Buying Heavy Duty Equipment

Why You Should Rent Instead Of Buying Heavy Duty Equipment

There is a wide variety of different industries that the companies that operate in those sectors rely on the use of heavy-duty equipment. Whether you are involved in agriculture, construction, general earthmoving, mining, recycling, logging, or landscaping, there are likely to be times you will need to use a big excavator, digger, or even a crane. You may reason that as you need to use these types of vehicles and powered equipment often, that it might be best to buy them.

However, it may be a more sensible and practical option to rent instead. Why? That’s what we are going to look at in the following post.

Renting Means You Avoid the Expensive Upfront Cost

It requires a significant amount of money to buy the larger sized and heavy-duty equipment and vehicles like telehandlers, tracked dozers, and excavators. You may not have the kind of money you need at the moment and therefore may have to either delay buying the equipment you need or take out some kind of loan. However, by opting to instead use a heavy-duty equipment rental service, you only need to pay for the times you use it.

Avoid the Cost of Storage and Transportation of Equipment

When you buy a piece of large and heavy-duty equipment, you need to invest in transportation and storage of that equipment. That adds to the overall cost of the new, albeit useful, machinery. When you rent this kind of equipment, you don’t need to worry so much about long-term storage and transporting it from here to there and vice versa.

For one thing, when you rent daily, or even for a few days at a time, you only need to come up with a temporary storage solution. Concerning transportation, you can arrange with the rental company to carry out the transportation of their machines to the right locations.

Have a More Competitive Edge

For many smaller and even medium-sized businesses, it can be hard to compete with larger companies in the same industry, if they have fleets of the newest, freshest, and most cutting edge equipment and machines at their disposal.

It is normally the case that the small and medium-sized businesses have to compromise a lot of the time and will have older, less-effective models because that’s all they could afford to buy.

When you rent, it means you don’t need to worry about that ongoing expense or opening another credit card.

No Long-Term Contract Or Commitment

When you buy large equipment like these that we have discussed, even if you pay outrightly for it, you have a full-time commitment to them. You need to keep them well-maintained, constantly keep track of the warranty and have them repaired when they breakdown or stop working as well as they should.

Whereas if you don’t want the long-term responsibilities of owning the equipment, renting is a great alternative.

Unless you have the space and resources to properly support owning large pieces of equipment, as we’ve hopefully shown, renting offers many great benefits.