Why You Should Never Neglect Your Gutters

Why You Should Never Neglect Your Gutters

Houses need maintenance in many areas. That’s something that we can’t deny. When it comes to the exterior of the house, all the fixtures, fittings and the very structure of the building must put up with a lot of wear and tear, and a serious battering on occasion from the wind and rain. That’s why regular checks are needed to ensure that everything is in working condition, and any repairs can be attended to quickly.

There is one area of the exterior of your home that you probably don’t pay enough attention to. You’re not alone! We’re talking about the gutters, which sit high on the eaves of the roof and don’t get a lot of attention day by day. However, it is very important that gutters are kept in good order, and in fact they are one of the fitments on the building that do the hardest of jobs.

Blocked Gutters Cause Damage

Now, before we go on to explain why you need gutters working as they should, we will recommend that cleaning and repairing gutters is not a job for yourself. There may be dangerous heights involved in reaching the problem area, so we recommend you engage the services of a local gutter cleaning company such as Clean Pro Gutters, who have been providing their expert services to customers in and around Indianapolis for some time.

Why do blocked or damaged gutters need to be repaired quickly? Guttering is in place to catch the rainwater that runs from your roof. It then delivers it to the downpipes, which make sure the water is sent on its way, away from your home. A blocked gutter will not be able to do this.

Gutters become blocked by leaves blown from trees, by moss that grows on the roof and may also grow in the gutters, and by debris dropped by birds or rodents. This causes a build-up of water in the gutter, which then overflows. The result is water pooling on your roof and running down the walls of the house. The same can happen if you have damaged gutters.

Water that is running down the wall or remaining on the roof can seep through the gaps in the bricks or roof tiles, causing damage to the structure within, resulting in seriously expensive necessary repair work.

What to Look For

The best course of action is to take a walk around your property every now and then, and examine your gutters as best you can. A tip here: a pair of binoculars can get you a close-up look!

Look for obvious signs of leakage and damage to the gutters – especially where there are joins – and signs of water on the walls high up. These are areas you should note.

Once you have an idea of where the problems are, get in touch with your local gutter cleaning and repair company and they will happily attend to your problem, at prices that you will find easily affordable. Gutters in good condition save you money on unwanted damage, so have them checked regularly to be sure.