Why Not Train in Sports Therapy Massage?

Why Not Train in Sports Therapy Massage?

If you’re an athlete, or you simply enjoy keeping fit and working out, you will know all too well the importance of keeping your muscles, joints and body in good working order. You’ve probably taken a massage a few times – they can be very beneficial in many ways – and most likely know about where in the body problems can occur. But think about this: the person who gave you that massage, or sports therapy treatment, was clearly qualified and experienced, and getting paid for it! How about that for a varied, rewarding and interesting career?

The problem is, where do you start on the path to become a sports therapy massage practitioner? We would recommend you check out Norfolk Beauty School, located in Norwich, where you can learn all about sports therapy massage, its benefits and the techniques used, in a fully-accredited and industry-recognised 10-day course that results in a diploma that will allow you to gain insurance for working in a professional place of work, and launch you onto a path to a new, exciting career!

Why Norfolk Beauty School?

The course that you will undergo at Norfolk Beauty School is designed to take you to the point where, after the 10-day instruction and tuition, you will be able to perform a full sports therapy massage. You will be tutored by an experienced and fully qualified tutor who has the knowledge to show you how to use the correct techniques. You will also learn about what the benefits of sports therapy massage are, and how to work with individual patients in different situations.

If you want to see a more in-depth description of the course and what it entails  click here and you’ll go straight to the relevant page of the Schools website. You can also have a look at other courses on offer, as they provide full tuition in many other areas of health and beauty, as well as hairdressing and more. The course fees are also very reasonable, so you don’t have to break the bank to learn about sports massage therapy.

Full Support

During the course, you will be supported all the way by the expert tutors – there are both practical and theory sections to the course, so you will learn not just about how to perform massage, but also how to keep records and run that side of what could be your future business – and they will be on hand to help you in any way they can over the duration of the course. Many people have successfully complete the sports massage therapy course and gone on to forge new careers working with athletes and individuals.

Once you complete the course at Norfolk Beauty School the rest is up to you. Whether you required the knowledge for the purpose of working with an amateur sports team, or you are looking for this to be your chosen career path, the foundation is there in this highly regarded course, so get in touch now and begin you new direction right away.