Water Damage: How to Identify and Eradicate It

Water Damage: How to Identify and Eradicate It

If you have water damage in your home, you’ll more than likely have big problems with your house’s foundation. It could also be past maintenance issues or problems with the pipes. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling a home, you’ll need to be sure you’ve eliminated every sign of water damage before you can continue. The following information will tell you how to identify and eradicate water damage:


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Identifying Water Damage

Check for Discolouration

Take a close look around your home to see if you can find any discoloured areas. Spots that are darker than usual on the walls, ceilings, carpets, and wooden floors can mean you have a leak problem. It may not even be damp. Discoloured areas can indicate a bad problem that could come back after a storm. Certain areas are more prone to this than others. Water damage in Atlanta, for example, is common. Don’t ignore discoloured areas if you want to eradicate the damage!

Look at the Roof

Get a ladder and somebody to help you and climb up on the roof. Do you see any holes? Discoloured areas? Soft spots? These all indicate that water damage is present. Take a look at the attic if you do find any of these signs, as they may continue there.

Check Out Overflows on Appliances

Start with your refrigerator and air conditioner and look at the overflows. If they aren’t draining properly and water is pooling, this is a hazard created by water damage. Repair and replace immediately or you could experience worse problems.

Look Under the Sink

Any brittle hoses attached to washing machines and under the sink are way more likely to be faulty. This can make a mess pretty soon if you don’t replace them.

Check Your Pipes

Check all of the pipes, taps, and fittings thoroughly. Any drips or moisture could mean water damage, as could that nasty damp smell. Don’t put this off for too long, as it won’t take long for things to get worse.

Getting Rid of Water Damage

Assess the Damage

Assess the damage carefully so you know exactly what to expect. Inspect the floors, appliances, and anything else that may have been affected.

Turn off the Power

Before doing anything, you’ll need to turn the power off in your home. You may need to consult a professional about this if you need to stand in water in order to switch it off.

Act Quickly

Act as quickly as possible, as the longer you let water sit the more damage it will do.

Get Rid of Pools of Water

You’ll need to use a pump or a wet-dry vacuum for this. Make sure you wear protective clothing, in case the water is contaminated.

Clean Up Mess

Clean up any debris that has been created as a part of the water damage.

Air Dry the Appliances

Don’t turn your appliances on or try to use them until they are completely air dried. You may need to contact the manufacturer. You may need to purchase new appliances if they are too damaged to use. These appliances are more eco friendly.

Act now to minimize the damage to your home!


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