Tips on Having a More Organised, Greener, Cleaner Kitchen

Tips on Having a More Organised, Greener, Cleaner Kitchen

Many people refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home. This is because catch ups with friends and family take place here, plus tea breaks, meal times, and cooking. However, although the kitchen can be a great place to be, it can also be equally as frustrating at the same time. Kitchens can become cluttered really easily, not to mention become disorganised in what seems like no time at all. However, there are ways you can have an organised, greener (to save the planet!), and cleaner kitchen. Follow our tips to see for yourself:

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List Your Weekly Menu and Leftovers

Every family has at least one member whose favourite phrase seems to be, ‘what’s for dinner?’, right? Well, we have a solution for you that kills two birds with one stone. Using a small whiteboard, list the weekly dinner menu and hang it on the side of the fridge. This will give every member of the family a heads up, and you can also use the board to keep track of your leftovers which will help you cut down on your waste!

Write the Date with a Sharpie

When you open a new sauce or condiment, write the date you opened it on the container with a sharpie. This will give you a good idea of when things have been sitting there too long and need throwing away!

Use Large Glass Beads

Large glass beads thrown in the dishwasher basket will stop smaller utensils falling through and avoiding a clean.

Spruce Up the Microwave

If you wouldn’t want a friend or neighbor taking a peek at your microwave, we suggest you give it a spruce up pronto. One of our favourite ways to give it a quick clean is to place a damp sponge in the microwave and heat it up for 5 minutes. Let it sit there for a few minutes afterwards, and it’ll loosen any tough dirt that you couldn’t get rid of before! You can then wipe away excess using your sponge.

Use Ingredients from The Pantry for a Green Clean

Green cleaning is great for the environment, and we’ve got plenty of ways you can clean your kitchen using ingredients from the pantry. Vinegar, baking soda, water, lemons, and kosher salt will help to get your kitchen looking brand spanking new – almost as if you’ve have it renovated by Cathy Phillips!

Use a Handheld Steamer

A handheld steamer is an effective way of ridding sticky substances from your oven, microwave, counter tops, and more.

Create a Clever Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless steel looks great; it’s so fresh and modern! However, many people find that the second they lay their hands on it, it gets covered in annoying fingerprints. To stop this from happening, use a small dab of either olive oil or baby oil to get rid of fingerprints and stop new ones from sticking.

You can use many products you’ve already got lying around the home to give your kitchen a good scrub. There’s nothing nicer than having an organised, clean kitchen, especially when you know you’ve done it in the greenest way possible!

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