Things to Keep in Mind when You’re Moving Overseas

Things to Keep in Mind when You’re Moving Overseas

Moving is a real combination of contradicting emotions. It’s just as exciting and joyful as it is stressful and extremely frightening. This is even truer if you are moving abroad. Leaving behind all you know and feel comfortable with, as well as your friends and family can fill you with anxiety. Ultimately, it could be you are moving for a very positive reason. It’s important to keep that in mind, it’s also important to put the hard work in at the preparation stage.

To help you, if you’re just starting to plan out your move overseas, we’ve put together a guide to some things you should remember.

Make Sure You Have an American Address

You won’t necessarily have trouble receiving mail, just because you are not living in the US. Many countries have less reliable postal services. As well as ensuring you get the mail you need when you need it, you may need to have an American address purely because companies and organisations stipulate it as a requirement.

Rather than just opting for a Post Office box though, it’s better to ask a close trusted friend or relative, because they can check the mail for you while you are overseas and let you know if you need to respond immediately to it.

Consider Using an International Removals Company

One of the biggest headaches about moving that’s exasperated when the place you move is a completely different country, is figuring out what do with all the stuff you’ve accumulated and have at your current home. While it’s a good idea to put much of the unnecessary stuff for your move into storage, especially if it’s stuff you don’t want to get rid of, if you are moving on an almost permanent basis, it may be more viable to have as much of your stuff over with you.

That’s when you should consider an international moving company. A reputable overseas removals company will have all the necessary experience and will know things about travelling between countries you may take hours of research to figure out. They deal with it on a weekly and daily basis.

Check the Visa Requirements of Your Destination

You should always, and we repeat always make sure you fully understand and pay heed to the visa requirements for your new destination. Even if you are moving with your job and your employer is sorting the house and living space side of things, you should still make sure you are completely clued up and have all the paper work and documentation sorted before you leave the US.

Make Sure Your Phone is Unlocked

Although you may have a great package with your current cell phone, it is almost always less expensive to invest in a local SIM card, rather than pay the expenses for keeping your regular supplier. This means you need to make sure your phone is unlocked. It’s best to do this close to when you move, but before you move as it can be quite a palaver to sort when you are familiarising yourself with your new surroundings.

Invest in a Universal Adaptor

Rather than needing to replace all your electronics, and even if you know you’ll be staying there for a while, you need to purchaser a universal adaptor with a converter for your destination. To ensure your gadgets and accessories work properly.