The Seven Branches by J. Edwards Holt – Early Review

The Seven Branches by J. Edwards Holt – Early Review

by Sanjay Hanef

In the pantheon of fantasy literature, J. Edwards Holt’s ‘The Seven Branches’ emerges as a monumental work that not only expands upon his established universe but also stands as a testament to his creative prowess. This book is not merely a continuation of Holt’s mythos; it is a comprehensive exploration of the worlds he has conjured with the stroke of his pen.

‘The Seven Branches’ is a captivating journey into a richly imagined fictional universe. With meticulous detail, Holt introduces readers to a myriad of worlds, each brimming with unique landscapes, stories, and inhabitants that defy the imagination. The illustrations within these pages are not just complementary visuals; they are gateways into Holt’s vision, inviting readers to step into the realms that have been so vividly crafted.

Holt’s narrative is a masterclass in world-building. Each chapter serves as a branch of the overarching tree of his mythology, rooted in the foundational work of “Little Men, Big Treasures” and branching out into an intricate canopy of tales that interweave to form a cohesive and enchanting universe. The characters are not mere figments of fantasy; they are imbued with a sense of purpose and depth that resonates with the reader, making their struggles and triumphs our own.

The book’s structure is a deliberate choice, reflecting the interconnectedness of Holt’s universe. The Seven Branches of Rhigorrim is a connected universe of fantasy-themed stories¹. It began with the publication of “Little Men, Big Treasures” in 2017, and after its warm reception, Holt expanded the universe through several young adult novels, a children’s book, and a teen comic. This latest installment is a culmination of that expansion, offering a coloring and activity book that brings the universe to life in a tangible, interactive way.

To sum it up, ‘The Seven Branches’ is a triumph of imagination and storytelling. It is a book that will undoubtedly capture the hearts of existing fans and entice new readers into Holt’s fantastical world. It is a work that celebrates the wonder of creation and the boundless potential of storytelling. J. Edwards Holt has not only written a book; he has crafted a legacy that will inspire generations to dream.

For those eager to delve deeper into Holt’s universe, the official website ( and interviews provide a wealth of information and insights into the creation of this remarkable series.

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