Office Desk Buying Guide

Office Desk Buying Guide

Office desks have a crucial role in every home office—your final choice should ensure style meets ergonomics.

And there are many selections of office desks that you can choose depending on your needs. Whether you need a small or large desk, with or without storage, we have the perfect desk for you.

Follow our office desk buying guide for the best tips, tricks, and advice for purchasing a desk that is perfect for your home office.

How Much Office Space Do You Have Available?

Before you start planning the arrangement of any room you need to measure.

Planning makes the buying process easier and shorter as you know the exact dimensions you require.

There are desks with different shapes and sizes. If you’re after a small desk, the Newport Desk is small in stature but large in style. If you have space for a larger desk, try the Moda Desk. Made from solid, reclaimed timber with a black metal base and a midnight-tan finish, you’ll never come across another. All the reclaimed wood models are unique to one another.

The height of your desk should roughly be 69 -72 cm above floor level and the width should roughly be 1.5 meters, minimum. These measurements are chosen based on efficiency and effectiveness and should provide a practical space for you to complete work to the best of your efforts.

What Purpose Will Your Desk Have?

Whether your desk is at home or in a company office, what you do and what you fill your office desk with will differ from person to person. The basics of desk storage include a laptop/computer, lamp and a space to store documents. A majority of desks are made in preparation for these items.

Purchase a desk that has the practical features you will need for your work. These include enough space to spread out your work and drawers that are within an arm’s length for easy reach. Determine what you need and want from your desk before settling on a choice.

Available Budget

Furnishing a space can be stressful for your wallet. If you set yourself a budget, make sure you stick to it! At online stores, they have a wide selection of amazing office desks at every price point. Sales are always happening at any stores like 1825 Interiors, so those who are money savvy will have no shortage of affordable options.

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Desk Design and Style

Focus on three factors when deciding on the style of a piece of furniture: color, shape, and material. Tackling your style is easy with these factors in your arsenal.

Base the shade of your new desk on your room’s palette and the room you want to create.

If your room is dark and you’re after an opportunity to make the room lighter, choose a white desk like our Byron Desk. The desk’s ivory washed base will heighten the mood of the room, but still, remain subtle in a dark room with its timber base.

The shape of a desk is an important style choice. Rectangular office desks are the most obvious choice when factoring in the shape of an office, and its overall aesthetics. For a slightly more unique look that doesn’t compromise on its professionalism, try a rectangular table with slight elegant accents. Try a subtle look like our Vintage Desk, with its rectangle top and diagonally frame backing board, this desk puts a modern twist on a classic design.

Purchasing a beautiful desk is made easy, with online stores that have a full range. No matter if it is for Industrial furniture or accessories. Consider color palette, use, and ergonomics when purchasing your desk for a customized workstation perfect for whatever tasks you perform.