Make Your Garden More Eco-Friendly

Make Your Garden More Eco-Friendly

If you are a keen gardener then, you are probably also conscious of the environment. If this is the case then you might be looking for ways to make your garden greener. That doesn’t mean adding more grass into it. You are going to want to ensure that your garden is more eco-friendly than it currently is. Not only can this improve the functionality and health of your garden, but it will also help preserve the environment.

To begin with you might consider changing the older or less useful parts of your garden. Storage space is important. Decide what you need and research places in your area that would have it. If you lived on the East Coast, you might be looking for sheds in South Jersey. Storing equipment will be important in your eco-friendly journey. You might also want a new shed so you can attach solar panels.

It is a simple process to transform almost any backyard into an eco garden. It may need a bit of time and effort, but the end results will be worthwhile. By making just a few changes, you will find your garden is a much more eco-friendly place.

Use these techniques to make your garden more green:

Compost Heap

If you haven’t got one already, you should add a compost heap to your garden. This uses food waste and organic waste such as plants. The idea of a compost heap is that the decomposed waste is added to the soil, giving it valuable nutrients. It also prevents organic waste from being thrown away.

There are a lot of materials you can compost including fruit & vegetable waste, grass cuttings, egg shells and some food waste. If you add water to your compost heap, you will keep it moist. This is when it is at its most effective. You should make sure to turn the compost now and then with a shovel.

Compost heaps can smell at times, and they don’t look  pleasant. But compost bins are available to buy and provide an unobtrusive means of compost storage.


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Make the Most of Water

Water is a valuable natural resource, and you can make the most of it by adding to your garden. If you put in a water tank then, the tank will store rainwater, and you can access it through your house like regular water. This keeps your water costs very low and is energy efficient.

This approach can also have a great effect on your garden. You can set your tank to extract some of the water back into the garden. Failing this, you can set out containers to capture rainwater then use it on your garden.

If you make your lawn smaller if will need less water to stay healthy. This will mean you can keep it wet for longer, and it will thrive.

Grow Your Own Food

The ability to grow your own food is one of the major advantages of having a garden. But it is an advantage that not enough people take. Growing your food is a great idea in many ways, not least because it saves money on having to buy groceries.

It is time to make use of gardens as food sources. Organic fruit and vegetables are expensive to buy. Growing them in your garden will cost next to nothing and will be healthier and fresher than most food you’ve ever had before.