Lovers of Space and Galaxies – This is Limited Edition Art for You

There is something about space that inspires every one of us. Look up at the night sky and see the stars, the moon, the planets – and the endless darkness that is space. Yet, despite the darkness, there is a transcendent beauty to space. Up there, beyond our normal reach, is something so great, so vast, that it blows our minds. Space art is what we are talking about here, and more specifically, cosmic art prints that are taken from original paintings, which in turn are painted from cosmic photographs.

But there is more: each piece – be it of a nebula, a galaxy, or a delightful group of stars – is limited to 50 prints. Furthermore, once 50 have been ordered, the original is destroyed to preserve the value and rarity of those 50. There will never be more original prints, you will own something scarce, beautiful, and inspirational.

Inspired by the Beauty of Galaxies

The young artist behind these stunning giclee prints was inspired from a young age by the night sky. Using a telescope to explore the millions of celestial bodies out there, she began to take precise and beautiful photographs of the scenes she came across. The potential is endless, with so much to picture, and so much to paint.

She believes that we – as people – are emotionally drawn to the night sky, and when you think about it, she’s right. Find a place without light pollution, look up to the stars, and you will see something simply beautiful, mysterious, and wonderful, and now you can have a piece of that on your wall for eternity. And you can rest assured there are just 49 others in the hands of equally proud and excited space art lovers.

Why Destroy the Original?

Destroying an artwork that one has put a lot of love and effort into may seem like a strange choice. Yet the artist behind these beautiful cosmic images does so because she believes once her aim of sharing these unique images with 50 lovers of constellations art has been reached, the original has served its purpose. She created it to copy, but to copy only in limited numbers.

These are high quality art prints – not mere posters as you may be thinking – printed on canvas. Giclee is the way forward for quality copies, and there is something extremely special about every single one. Choose from magnificent images of various galaxies and other cosmic wonders, and marvel in the beauty of nature beyond which we know that inhabits deep space.

Buy Yours Now

There is a wondrous quality to every one of these prints and not just in the way they are printed. Look at your glorious celestial print and you are reminded of the fact we – on Earth – are just one miniscule fraction of the vast universe we exist within, and then just one even smaller fraction of the many more galaxies that exist out there, in space. This is art as it should be – beautiful, inspiring, and engaging, so buy yours now.