Incredible Ways To Make Your Home Greener

Incredible Ways To Make Your Home Greener


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If you’re on this blog, I imagine that you are probably worried about the environment. Like me, you know that it’s important to do everything that we can to save the planet. You need to make sure that your home is set up to be an eco-friendly environment. Making sure that your home is eco-friendly isn’t a difficult task. There are plenty of big and small changes you can make to your home to make it greener. For instance, you could start by changing the lights in your home. A little thing like changing all the lightbulbs in your home could save you a lot of electricity in the long run. You might want to think about buying LED light bulbs for your home. These last for hundreds of hours and use a lot less electricity than typical bulbs. You can tell because they don’t get as hot as normal light bulbs. Generally speaking, if a device doesn’t get hot, then it’s not using as much power. This is an example of a little home change that’s going to make your house greener. There are bigger changes that you could consider.

On this post, I’m going to look at the ways you can make your home greener and save the planet. We’ll be looking at big and small changes. Some are easy, and some will require a tad more work so let’s get started.

Building A Green Home

You could consider building a greener home to live in. This is probably one of the most drastic choices on this list. But I still think it’s worth considering, and it’s the biggest step you can take to save the planet. One way of doing this to build a home out of materials that are environmentally friendly. For instance, a log house is the type of property you can make from natural materials. You may also have seen roofs that are made out of grass and soil. It’s these types of houses and building materials that you should be considering. It should be noted that you can also redesign your home with these type of materials. But that will take a lot of effort on your part. It’s easier and more efficient to simply build or buy a new home with these type of natural building blocks. If you do have a special type of home, you will need to make sure you have the materials to keep the property well maintained. You can check out some supplies on  Otherwise, you will encounter issues that will ultimately make your home less green. As an example, a problem with the strength of your exterior structure could weaken the insulation. At that point, you will be losing the heat within the home.

Improve The Insulation Of Your Current Home

Alternately, you can think about improving the insulation of your current home. There are plenty of different ways to do this. But I suggest you start by looking at your windows. You can upgrade to double or triple glazing to keep more heat in the home. However, if you do this, you will typically find that you have issues with condensation. Condensation builds on the windows and can cause both damp and mould to develop. To avoid this make sure you are using a dehumidifier in affected rooms. Another way you can keep hot air in the room is by making sure that you are shutting doors. Some homeowners decide to add pulley systems on to the doors so that they shut automatically. It’s a smart move if you’re constantly leaving them open.

Don’t forget that if you are experiencing high heating bills; it  might not be caused by the home insulation. Instead, you could find that there is a problem with the heater in your home. A damaged heater will cause the cost of your heating to rise. Even if you are not using as much energy. This might be a crack in the tank or an issue with the heating supply. Either way, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. It’s recommended that you get your heater checked on a regular basis. If you do this, you can avoid the problem becoming worse. When this occurs, the cost of the repair becomes more expensive. Check out for info on boiler repairs.

Less Water And Energy Usage

You may also want to consider ways to reduce the amount of water, electricity and gas that you are using. This isn’t just about making your home greener; it’s also about cutting costs of home life. Typically, you will find that the cost of home living is quite expensive, and that’s due to the bills. But don’t forget the less energy you use, the greener your home is.

If you want to reduce your gas bill, try to avoid turning the heating on as much as you can. Turning the heating on in the summer is completely unnecessary. Even in the winter, you can put on more layers, rather than turning the heating up. You can also think about getting a portable fire. A portable fire uses a fixed amount of energy that is not connected to your heating bills. It’s the perfect solution for those cold winter months to quickly heat up your home. If you’re interesting in purchasing one, have a look at

As for water, I’m not going to suggest you start sharing bathwater between family members. But you should be careful how long you stay in the shower. As well as this, don’t fill the bath to the top. These are wastes that you can not afford. Imagine, if everyone in your neighbourhood was taking showers that lasted half an hour. That’s a lot of water just being wasted.

Renewable Energy

Finally, you can think about incorporating renewable energy into your home. There are two choices here. One possibility is adding solar panels to the roof of your home. This is a popular choice because aesthetically, it isn’t damaging. It makes your home look quite modern and futuristic. But, the first fixed cost of installation is expensive. To avoid this, you may want to speak to your government or local council. Some of them are encouraging people to use renewable energy by paying some of the first fixed cost. Find out more about solar panels on

Another possibility is wind energy, by installing a turbine in your garden. Aesthetically, these don’t look as attractive, and they are quite loud. But they will provide you a lot of energy to your home in a short period.  


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