How You Could Save Money and Benefit from an Energy-Efficient Home From H&H Homes

How You Could Save Money and Benefit from an Energy-Efficient Home From H&H Homes

Energy efficiency is a hot topic now. In fact, it has been now for several years, decades even. Due to the growing concern about climate change, the rise in traditional energy sources, such as gas and electricity, has driven people to look for ways to improve the efficiency of their homes. Whether it’s by installing smart meters, relying on renewable energy sources, changing their windows and doors or doing odd jobs around the property, homeowners are always keen to reduce their utility bills.

Although all these solutions work, some better than others, they still don’t achieve the results that many householders would like. Part of the problem is that if you have an old enough home that was designed and built at a time when energy efficiency was not such a hot topic, you are already working with something that’s flawed.

That’s why, if you really want a truly energy efficient home, you need to look for one that has been built from the foundations up with energy efficiency at the forefront. H&H Homes are a new homes builder who do just that. Designing and building new homes for sale in North Carolina, H&H are fully ecoSelect-certified. What does that mean exactly?

About ecoSelect Certification

ecoSelect Certification is an initiative that brings together high-efficiency features with green building methods and strategies to provide homes that are built to be more comfortable, healthier and energy-efficient places to live.

What Is Required for Certification?

The ecoSelect Certification that H&H Homes has provides the assurance for you, the buyer, that the homes meet strict requirements. What are the requirements?

Framing – Unlike the voids that are often created in corners when the framing of homes is put together that present problems for insulation, H&H Homes follows very particular framing patterns that enables the home to benefit from insulation throughout. When the framing is in place, siding, doors, windows, house wrap, and sheathing panels are fitted and sealed to provide a protective barrier against all weather conditions.

Walls – Instead of the industry standard 2 x 4 lumber used for houses, H&H use 2 x 6. The reason being, the thicker the wall, the warmer the property will be during winter time and cooler it will be during summertime.

Windows – H&H Homes also use what is known as low-emissive or low-E glass for their windows. This has been treated with a special metallic oxide or invisible metal coating that creates a protective surface to reflect excess heat, while enabling light to get through.

Roofing – Highly-effective radiant barriers are installed into their homes in the roofing or attic space to help reduce cooling costs be reducing the increase of summer heat. They are made from materials that reflect the heat instead of absorbing it.

Above is just a snapshot of some of the ways that H&H Homes are great options if you are looking for a highly efficient home that will save you money in the long run. If you are interested, why not check out their new home initiatives.