How to Be More Organised Around the Home

How to Be More Organised Around the Home

Every homeowner will choose their preferred way to organise their house. No way is superior to the other. However, starting by creating more space may be the way to go as this helps you to create storage to use later.

When organising your home, you will always find some knickknacks that will need to be stored away. Therefore, start from the storage spaces such as cabinets, the garage, closets, and more to create room.

You will need storage space because organising often leads to getting rid of clutter.  Here are a few tips to help you organise your home better.

1. Smart Sorting

Before you get the organising started, set up a staging area. This is the area where you will put everything that needs to be organised. It will be easier to sort out what you need to keep and what goes into the ‘outbox’.

Use clear containers or boxes without lids and use stickers to label them. Then you will remember easily which boxes are staying and which ones are going out. You will not have to go through everything to ascertain which boxes you are keeping.

2. Don’t Buy That Storage Container…Yet

This may come as a surprise as most people start by buying them. However, you may realise that you do not even need them. Do not purchase storage containers unless you need them. Also, you need first to figure out whether you need everything you have.

You may have to get rid of a few things. The 80/20 theory may apply here. It dictates that we only use 20% of what we have. This means that you may have a ton of stuff in your home that you do not need. Hence, you do not need extra storage because you will be getting rid of stuff.

3. Make Use of Container Organisers

Your drawers should have container organisers. These can be made of wood, plastic, or any material that you like.  These organisers allow you to subdivide your drawers into sections instead of throwing your things into one huge space.

Further, you can use stickers to identify what is in every section. For instance, you can subdivide a drawer into socks, underwear, and vests sections and have stickers to identify each part. You can use the same in the pantry to label the different foods therein.

4. Get Rid of Clutter

There are certain areas in your home that call to clutter. Kitchen counters, for instance, and most flat surfaces are clutter areas. Ensure that these areas are free of clutter before going to bed every night.

If you are not able to keep up this routine, block such areas by placing a decorative piece such as a cute vase or figurines. This makes it unavailable for cluttering.

5. Create a Discard Basket

A discard basket or box is excellent for storing clothes that no longer fit or appeal to you. It is also an easy and gradual way of getting rid of clothes you do not wear. Once the basket is full, you can take the clothes to a donation agency or sell them in a garage sale.


An organised home helps you to keep a clear head. It is also easier to find things when they are stored neatly. Stickers help to keep you disciplined about placing items in their proper places.