Home Exterior Design Style Tips to Make You Go Wow!

Home Exterior Design Style Tips to Make You Go Wow!

Are you in the mood for a little home renovation this year now that the winter is almost over? Well forget little, think BIG. We spend a fortune inside out homes installing new kitchens and bathrooms or over thinking our latest sofa purchase. Why not get out in the sunshine and improve the look of our home on the outside? Renovating the exterior of your property, if carried out properly, is guaranteed to improve its value. Some jobs can be very expensive while others cost little and can be carried out in a weekend by a home repair enthusiast.

Take a look here, at my top suggestions for rejuvenating, improving, and enhancing the exterior of your home this summer:


Is the roof missing a few tiles or shingles? Maybe it is time to replace the old ones with new. Contact a specialist such as Erdmann Exterior Designs, Ltd, or another qualified contractor to see what options are available for your roof. Ill fitting shingles or tiles can cause damp and affect the insulation qualities of your property.


Most properties need the windows replacing at some point in their lives. The old wooden frames may be rotten and drafty. New window frames can have a dramatic effect on the overall impression that your home portrays. Depending on the climate where you live, you may choose to replace double glazed units with cutting edge triple glazed models. Insulation and saving money on energy bills is key when selecting the correct windows for you.


If your home is timber clad, it may have become too rotten to be fixed with paint and filler. Are you aware that there are now man made options available to you, such as vinyl?  Imagine never having to paint the outside of your house again thanks to UPVC windows and vinyl siding. That has got to be worth the investment, we aren’t getting any younger after all.


The porch in the image is simply stunning. Do you have room for a porch of your own? It doesn’t have to be an elaborate design if your budget is small. Just take care and work with what you have, to a high standard of workmanship.


A canopy over the front door will look good, is easy to install, and is also functional. Canopies are available in amazing designs to enhance any style of property. Maybe you would consider designing and building your own. It is a great project that can be further improved by installing lights.

Front Door

The front door is often the thing that lets down the appearance of your home. Replacing your tired old door with a new one that is painted to contrast the colour of the house has an instant and dramatic effect. Don’t let the quality of the door down by installing cheap furniture, however, high quality fittings are worth every penny.


Cleaning and repointing brickwork will make it look like new. If the wall never receives direct sunshine, there could be some ugly moss, or slime, growing on it. A quick clean with a pressure washer will solve this problem. Dig out any loose mortar and replace with new.

I hope that this article has given you the drive to get outside and achieve great things in your home improvements. Your home will soon be the envy of your neighbours who will have to begin laying plans of their own. That’s it for today guys, have fun.


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