Helping the Environment in Your Home. A Simple Strategy to Make You Eco-Friendly

Helping the Environment in Your Home. A Simple Strategy to Make You Eco-Friendly

You may not believe you can make a huge difference to the environment on your own, but, everybody doing their little bit can, in fact, have a huge effect. Every little bit you do in your home will add to the little bits done by everybody else.  So what are these little things you should be doing to contribute? Here are a few basic things I always consider, and you could be looking at too.

Find Wood Alternatives

If I am replacing a door in my home or building a roof, I always look at alternatives to wood (which is the traditional material contractors usually choose) Steel is not only stronger, it is almost completely recyclable and will help the world’s tree stocks when used. There are many steel fabrication companies in London, so I tell my contractor to contact one, and get my steel made to measure (another waste saving).

Reduce Plastic Use

According to this article in One Green Planet, there are 1500 plastic water bottles used every second in the you can see the size of the potential problem. Take a look around your home, and count the number of plastic bottles you see, as well as any other plastic packaging. I make sure I recycle everything I can, and reuse if at all possible; and you should too. But why not go that bit further? I always take my own bag when shopping, and only buy products that use 100% recycled packaging. If we all decided to only use 100% recycled packaging, it would have a greater total effect, and encourage manufacturers to only use 100% recycled goods.

Clean Up Your Act

Where do you think the chemicals you use to clean up your home go? If you do not dispose of them responsibly, they will eventually add to the huge amounts of chemicals that are polluting our soil, water, and air. There are some wonderful sites giving information about chemicals in your home, so try to learn what you are using, and stop using anything harmful to the environment. I use many of the organic cleaners available and they do a great job, I also have a steam cleaner, which is a great way to clean your home; and is far less work than scrubbing. We should all stop using these products that are so harmful to the planet.

Reduce your Energy Levels

The amount of electricity we use in our homes continues to rise as we become more dependent on electricity using products. The simple act of us all using energy saving light bulbs and (more importantly) only using them when necessary, would have a massive effect on energy consumption. Industry is by far the heaviest user of electricity, but if we all do our bit, then we can still have an impact. Obviously, fitting solar panels or other such natural energy producers would be an even greater benefit, but we don’t all live in an environment suitable for their use. However, I have energy saving products all round my home, and it is insulated to reduce heat loss and to keep it cool in the summer. With a bit of planning, we can all reduce the need for electricity.

As you can see, I have a strategy that I am using to help the environment, and it is one that I believe will help. The fact that I am not having a major effect myself is not important. As long as there are others like me, we can all do our bit, and our total impact will make a difference.