Green Decore Aqua Beach Rug Review

Green Decore Aqua Beach Rug Review

rug1One thing I love about the summer, even in the UK, is the mostly great weather that opens up more opportunities to get outside to see and do things.  I always keep a couple of bags in my wardrobe especially for summer and keep some supplies in my boot from the beginning of June all the way through to September.  I especially love picnics and sunbathing on a nice beach along the British coast, so I’ve always loved picnic blankets and rugs, but after purchasing the Aqua Rug from Green Decore, I don’t I will use anything else again.

I had been using the same blanket for sunbathing and picnics for the last four years and it was looking a bit tatty to say the least.  When I started looking online for a replacement, I knew I needed something that was eco-friendly and going to last me a long time, and after looking around at various sites, I found the Green Decore one.  It just looked perfect.

It’s made from recycled plastic straws, which I find is a great talking point when people ask about the material.  As well as giving me a clear conscious that I am looking out for the planet.  In the past, friends have had blankets and rugs made from recycled goods, and I have to say that I was not impressed by the level of comfort they gave.  However, this is as comfortable, if not, more comfortable than a conventional rug and never feels like you are lying on something made from plastic straws!

The colour is beautiful and because it is reversible, if you feel a bit too sweaty and hot from sunbathing, you can just flip it over and use the other side.  Although I have to say, the claim that it is resistant to mildew and moisture in my experience is accurate.  Wherever I am at least one person will compliment me on the rug and ask where I got it.

rug2I went to the beach with my family a couple of weekends ago and my mum, who is quite frail now, helped tidy away the rug when it was time to go, and commented how lightweight it was.  It’s true, it looks like it is going to be quite heavy, but it really doesn’t.

Although it looks like it would just be suitable for one person, I took it with me on a weekend away with my boyfriend and we were both able to lie down on it comfortably.  One of my friends recently bought one and uses it as a rug in their hallway, so even if you are not looking for a new beach or picnic rug, and like those sea-inspired colours for your home, this would be a very good choice.

I may only have had it for a few months, but I have a good feeling that it is going to stand the test of time and be a regular fixture on day trips, weekend breaks and holidays!

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