Give Your Home an Eco-Friendly Exterior

Give Your Home an Eco-Friendly Exterior

When you think about being more eco-friendly it’s probably things such as your energy use, car emissions, and perhaps even the laundry detergents that come to mind. For most people, your roofing and guttering system probably isn’t the first thing that you think of when asked to consider how you can be more energy efficient and kind to the environment. However, recently more and more homeowners are being educated on the uses of environmentally friendly roof shingles and guttering installations, leading to hopeful change in the coming years.

Going Green with Roofing

In order to live a truly environmentally friendly lifestyle and really reduce our carbon footprints, what goes on at the top of the home shouldn’t be ignored. Today, there are various types of eco-friendly roofing and guttering options that are widely available, including those made from recyclable materials, set up using renewable resources and using materials that generate their own energy such as solar panels.

Cool Roofs

These kind of roofs represent the segment of the roof industry which is experiencing a staggering growth. The materials used to produce cool roofing options are made from a mixture of white glue and white gravel, both of which serve to reflect back the sun’s rays and therefore reduce the amount of heat invading the home. Cool roofs are a popular option in very hot climates, and can help to reduce the energy usage in a household as there’s no need to turn the air conditioning up quite so high.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing options are also another popular choice amongst those who wish to live a more environmentally friendly life and reduce their carbon footprint. Metal is a material which is widely recyclable, and it’s entirely possible to obtain a metal roof which is made from only recycled materials in order to help minimize the production of new materials and products when it isn’t needed. Metal roofs are also very durable and can last over fifty years with the proper care and maintenance.

Going Green with Guttering

Your guttering is also another area of your home which you can optimize to be more eco-friendly. Next time you book a gutter repair (such as from, be sure to ask about any environmentally friendly options which they have regarding gutters, such as wet insulation systems that make it easier to prevent leaking sidings and windows, soaking the insulation between the walls and causing your energy usage to soar.

Conserving Rainwater

Rainwater is the purest type of water, and today there is more need than ever before to ensure that we conserve water for the next generation. By using proper guttering and rainwater conservation systems, you can save water in a rain collector or drain it away correctly so that it can be taken into storage. Rainwater can prove useful for many things such as gardening rather than using water from the faucet.

Is the exterior of your home eco-friendly? We’d love to hear about it! Leave your best tips in the comments below.