Give Your Bathroom a Make-over – Luxury Rainfall Showerheads

Give Your Bathroom a Make-over – Luxury Rainfall Showerheads

The choice of bathroom fittings available these days is simply sensational, and advances in technology have led to some very effective devices – especially when it comes to showers. Once a simple addition to a bathroom, the shower unit is now a central part of any bathroom design, and in many homes a dedicated shower room is a great addition.

The days when a shower head simply showered you with water are long gone. Modern, stylish and very efficient showerheads do much more. Take this superb luxury rain shower head from Gurin, a prime example of what the modern shower is all about. That’s not all, however, as there is so much more you can do to your bathroom to make it the one your friends envy!

Luxury Fittings at Affordable Prices

The great thing about the sort of showerhead we mentioned above is that they provide a ‘rainfall effect’, which brings the spa experience into your bathroom. You’ll also find that the chrome finish on modern shower fittings is the right one for modern bathrooms, and you can choose a wide variety of fixtures to match.

These more modern shower head designs are also cost-effective as they are designed to use the minimum amount of water while giving you the maximum effect. This is because the water streams are optimised by a cleverly-designed head, which gives you the perfect shower while keeping water usage down. Less water used means lower bills, so you have the best of both worlds.

Wet Rooms and Shower Units

One of the major benefits of using a luxury rain shower head is that it will be perfect for wet rooms or for shower units, and they are also designed to be easy to fit and use. Most come with fully adjustable direction, so you can angle the showerhead to help wash your hair, plus  it’s perfect for kids, and you can even use it for rinsing the dog after a walk!

You will also find that the modern shower head is designed to be self-cleaning – this is usually done by way of silicone nozzles that do not get clogged with debris – so you have less work to do to keep your bathroom clean.

One trend in showers is to use a 6-inch diameter head, which is also much larger than you may be used to, as this offers a greater spread of water thanks to the rainfall design. This really is a spa experience brought to the home bathroom, and will lead to you feeling revitalised and refreshed after every shower.

Not Just the Shower

While we are suggesting a modern shower head as an essential addition to your bathroom, there’s more that can be done. Why not look at new basins and other furniture? A ‘his and hers’ design is a very popular and effective way of giving a bathroom a fresh look. If you take a look at some online stores, or head to your local hardware store, you’ll find that the choice of modern bathroom furniture means there is something for everyone!