Get the Industrial Look with Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Trends in interior design and architecture come and go, and some leave more of a mark than others. Likewise, many of these trends utilise materials that would not normally be associated with domestic homes or, in many cases, with commercial buildings.

Have you noticed the increasing use of the ‘industrial’ look? It can be seen quite often in instances where disused warehouses and other commercial buildings have been converted for other uses – perhaps for shopping centres, office complexes or apartments – and sometimes involves the use of a material we are here to talk about – stainless steel wire rope which is commonly used in the marine and other industries. What is it used for, and why?

Clean and Modern Look

Stainless steel wire rope comes in a wide variety of thicknesses, and is a very versatile material. If you want to know more about the choice you have, check out Sta-Lok, a leading manufacturer of the product with a comprehensive and informative website.

It is used in various areas when it comes to architecture – being very strong – and has now found its way into decorative as well as practical uses in homes and other buildings. It is now popular to a point that Sta-Lok supplies stainless steel wire rope in a form that is specifically designed for use in balustrades and staircases.

The Wire Rope Balustrade

If you hadn’t pictures the use of steel wire rope in commercial buildings before, our mention of wire balustrading has probably evoked a memory. Think open-plan office buildings with staircases where the banister is a steel tube with, in the open space underneath a series of steel wires, tense and stylish yet evoking an industrial setting.

You may have seen them in shopping arcades, where this sort of balustrade is very popular. It is used in larger spaces because it evokes a feeling of space; there is no enclosed part to the staircase at all, it simply blends into the space around it. It is also strong, reliable and surprisingly affordable, hence its growing use in modern domestic interior design.

Wire Balustrade for Home and Garden

If you are looking for a different, very neat and modern and clean look for your home, the minimalist appearance of the steel wire balustrade is one that is very difficult to beat. Being neutral in colour and style, it is also easy to match with any other fittings, and makes a great focal point.

For further ideas, why not look at using wire balustrading around the garden; perhaps as a fence on a patio, or to outline a pool or other area? It is practical and durable enough to be used outdoors – and will be more weather-resistant than many other options – and may be just the modern touch you are in search of.

If this sounds like your thing, check out the Sta-Lok website for more ideas, and why not get in touch to talk to one of their team in more detail?