Environmentally Friendly Home Improvement Products

Environmentally Friendly Home Improvement Products

If you are planning a lot of DIY or home improvement work, but want to make things as environmentally friendly as possible, there has never been a better time than now.  In the following article we will give you some great alternatives and ideas for going green.

Bamboo Plywood

This is a highly sustainable material and it only takes 4 years to reach maturity and the laminates can be sealed using very low VOC adhesives.

Synthetic Grass

As well as staying green and cut for many years without ever needing to be fertilized, mowed or watered; it also is 100% recyclable.

Soy Based Wood Stainers

Soy-based stainers are perfect for exterior and interior applications and do not include any toxic acids that are harmful to the environment.

Recycled Carpet Tiles

Recycled carpet tiles are 80% to 100% recycled and as well as being very easy to install, they also look great in any colour scheme or style.

Composite Decking

This is made from left over wood materials and recycled plastic resins and is light, durable, very strong and impervious to the effects of decay and insects.

Green Primer

If you are planning plastering work in your home then you should consider using this green plastering primer.  Green by colour and nature, as it is made up of as much as 20% recycled materials and can be used on almost any surface as a base for render and plaster to be applied.  The good thing is with this product is that you do not need to remove the old primer plaster before using it.

Paper Based Countertops

Paper countertops are made from managed forest tree pulp and recycled paper materials.  They are a great alternative to laminate countertops as they are more environmentally friendly, durable and very stain resistant.

Tire Mulch

When you need to mulch your shrubs and trees, you should use 100% recycled tire mulch.  As well as keeping rubbish landfills free of tires, they also keep moisture where you want and need it – in the ground.


Although not as popular as a lot of other floor coverings, this is one of the most environmentally friendly products of its type.  It is 100% recyclable and made from wood flour and linseed oil.  Not only does it last for years but it is available in various styles, colours and patterns so there is no shortage of choice when it comes to finding one that matches the rest of your decor.

Recycled Glass Countertops

If you want the same look and feel of a granite countertop but don’t want to harm the environment then recycled glass countertops are for you.  They are made using recycled concrete, fly ash and crushed glass.

Cork Flooring

Cork trees produce the ultimate managed wood, as they are stripped around 1/3 of their bark and are allowed to regenerate new bark that can be harvested yet again.  Cork trees are never killed during the process.

Of course, there are many other green options when it comes to home improvement products, but hopefully the above list will give you a helpful insight into the possibilities.

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