Enchanting Lighting Design Ideas that Add ‘Luxury Appeal’ to Your Home

Enchanting Lighting Design Ideas that Add ‘Luxury Appeal’ to Your Home



Would you like your home to feel more elegant and luxurious? Cosmetic changes such as painting your walls or redesigning the architectural look and feel of your home is great, however the design improvements that will make the biggest impact to your home’s aesthetic appeal is lighting. Enhanced lighting designs can make the home appear more inviting and comfortable. Lighting design experts LEDified provide the following tips to enhance your home.

Illuminate your rooms with as much natural light as possible.

The quickest and simplest way to enhance the elegance of your home is by increasing the amount of natural light that comes into your property. Some great ways to do this include:

Using the mirror effect to enhance the room’s lighting.

The mirror effect is one of the best ways to increase the natural light within your room. The more shiny surfaces and objects that are used within the room, the brighter they will appear. Large mirrors that are placed opposite or adjacent to entrances are perfect for increasing the reflective light in your rooms. Other reflective objects that you can consider using include:

  • Placing shiny metal objects
  • Placing glass objects
  • Using chandeliers
  • Using reflective tables.

Changing your home’s light switches to dimmers.

The quickest and cheapest way to change your home’s artificial lighting is by installing dimmer switches which will change the light settings and increase or decrease the shadows within the rooms inside the home. Just bear in mind that some lights are only compatible with certain dimmers. For example, some manufacturers might promote that dimmable LEDs can be controlled using a standard dimmer switch. This may occur when certain criteria are met. Standard dimmers tend to be underloaded in most LED applications and cause flickering and strobing effects. Furthermore, these dimmers tend not to exploit the full brightness range of the LED, thus creating a poor experience for the user.

Dimmer compatibility is important. If your home uses LED lights, do choose a dimmer that has been designed for LED lighting. It is best to consult with a lighting design specialist who can advise you about the best types of dimmers for your home’s lighting system.


Avoid decorating your rooms with colours that absorb light.

A great way to give your rooms a ‘lift’ is to change the colour of your floors from a dark colour to that of a reflective lighter colour. For example, changing the colour of your floorboards from a dark colour to white can significantly increase the brightness of your room; as can be seen in the image below.


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Additionally, lighter colours on your walls and ceilings such as white and grey will improve the light in dark rooms.


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Enhance the exterior of your home with LED light solutions.

There are several ways LED lights can enhance the exterior appearance of your home. These include:

Garden LED lights

There are several garden light options that can be used to illuminate plants, trees and garden beds. Consider installing unobtrusive lights such as:


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Illuminate your pathways.

Transform your pathway into one of enchantment by placing LED lights along the edges and contrasting lights and shadows, as shown in the image below.


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Pool lights

Another way to add uniqueness to your property is by lighting up your pool. Many homeowners illuminate the edges with LED light ropes or standing LED lights. However, floating LED balls like the ones pictured below can also provide

Floating LED balls.


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By implementing the right lighting elements around your home, you can make your property feel more luxurious and welcoming. The best way to maximise your lighting design is to engage with a lighting specialist who can advise you on the best ways to illuminate your home.