Benefits of Smart Box Downstream Injectors

If you own and use a pressure washer regularly either as part of your business or for your own personal use, you may have already heard about downstream injectors. If not, this blog post is for you, as we are going to look at what a downstream injector is, how they work, and how having a smart downstream injector box in your truck or pressure washing setup could be of benefit.

What is a Downstream Injector?

The downstream injector is a special device that is used to inject either detergent or chemicals into the water flow after the pump in your pressure washing setup. As the name suggests, it’s different from an upstream injector that adds chemicals or detergent to the mix before the pump. When you use a downstream injector, you have greater control over the addition of harsh detergents or chemicals into the flow of water when it is at a lower pressure to enhance the cleaning power you have, while avoiding the risk of damage to your pump.

How Do Downstream Injectors Work?

Within a low-pressure situation, in your system with the use of a larger nozzle, the downstream injector relies on what is known as the Venturi effect to produce the suction required through the barb at the inlet. When pressure increases, suction will stop, and your system will continue running as normal.

Benefits of a Smart Stream – Remote Downstream Injector Box 

Now that you understand the purpose of a downstream injector box and how it works, it is worth looking at how an additional piece of equipment can make your pressure-washing activities even easier to carry out.

If you have a commercial pressure washer setup in the back of a van or truck, you may already be aware of how tiring and irritating it can be to have to walk back and forth to your vehicle to either switch on or turn off the downstream injector. With the Smart Screen, you no longer need to worry about this.

The device connects directly to your downstream injector and 12v power with ring terminals and is ready to use in seconds.

Some of the major benefits of this device include:

  • An impressive range of 1.5m means larger-scale pressure cleaning work can be handled more easily and quickly, even when there are other buildings and trees in the vicinity.
  • Positive feedback as to whether the system is operational or not is provided with an audible beep and visible flashing strobe light
  • A volt meter allows you to closely monitor the battery supply voltage so you know when you may need to stop or replace it with another battery
  • Comes with ¼-inch hoses
  • Comes equipped with a “Continuous Flush” system that is operational when it is in off mode, which helps to extend the lifespan of your downstream injectors.

So, if you are looking to increase the efficiency of your pressure washing setup and already make use of downstream injectors, the remote-controlled downstream injector box is one addition to your system you may want to consider.