4 Ways You Can Use Solar Energy Around The House

4 Ways You Can Use Solar Energy Around The House

Solar power is the cleanest and cheapest way to provide energy in your home. Installing a full power system can be time-consuming and involve a significant initial cost. But don’t let this put you off this idea entirely. There are many smaller scale ways you can use solar energy around your home. Take a look at these cost-saving and environmentally friendly options.



1 Solar chargers for electronic items

You could save a considerable amount on your monthly electricity bills by switching to solar chargers. These eco-friendly chargers harness the sun’s energy to restore the batteries of your cell phones, laptops, cameras and many other devices. The added benefit of these chargers is that they are portable themselves, meaning you can charge your devices even when you are outside and on the go. As with many solar energy devices, they don’t even need to be in the direct sunlight to work. During the day, they will gather and store energy ready to transfer to your electronic devices.

2 Solar powered oven

Do you like the idea of cooking in and with the sunshine? When the weather starts to heat up, a solar powered oven will come in great use for alfresco dining and garden parties. These ingenious ovens work by absorbing the heat from the sun via the combination of glass and reflective material. This energy is then magnified so that the temperature rises high enough to cook the food. Along with being cost-efficient and eco-friendly they are also less mess, safer and easier to use than barbeques and conventional ovens.



3 Solar water heater

There is something special about taking a warm shower, knowing that the heat has come from the sun. Solar water heaters are relatively easy to install and are much cheaper than fitting a full solar power system in your home. Most solar water heater will come with two parts; a collector  and a tank. You should contact professional plumbing services, to install these systems. If you need to find plumbing services in McKinney, Tx, for example, do some research online and ensure they have experience with these types of systems. The water in your pool or hot tub can also be heated with the assistance of a solar power unit. These will either be built in or can be bought from most pool supply stores.

4 Solar lighting

You can use solar lighting both inside and outside your home. During the day the lights store energy and at night they illuminate your rooms and garden very effectively. These lights work well in any climate and all year round. And you won’t be restricted to a particular style. Overhead, lamps and wall-mounted options are all widely available. Not only are the devices themselves very affordable, but they will also save you a great deal on your electricity bills.

There are many advantages to using solar energy in your home. I hope this post has shown you that it is both easy and effective to swap conventional forms of energy for solar power.