10 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe While Staying Green

10 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe While Staying Green

Some days it can feel like keeping your family safe is an impossible task. Without the marines and a walled in fortress at your disposal, what is a parent to do? Fortunately, you don’t have to be the commander in chief to help keep your children safe. Here are ten tips for protecting your family, while making sure you stay green, too.

1. Light Your House

A simple way to deter predators from lurking around your house is to leave the light on. Keeping important areas like doorways, stairwells and walkways well lit can go a long ways in securing your house at night or when you are out. And to remain energy conscious, purchase solar patio lights to line your porch steps and driveway. In the long run, energy efficient lights will also save you a significant amount of money on bills.

2. Stay Safe Online

One of the biggest threats actually comes form inside your house with the Internet. Be sure to talk openly with your kids about things they might see or hear on the web, and make sure they recognize the danger of information theft. Install security programs to protect them from hackers or explicit content. And always be on the lookout for cyber bullying or suspicious behavior.

3. Child Safety Seats in the Car

When you are out and about driving around town, be sure to fasten your children’s car seats or booster seats properly. Car seats reduce injury risk by 70 percent in wrecks and other accidents. But a surprising 80 percent of child safety seats are not installed correctly. The safest seat for a child in a seat is the middle seat of the back row. In the spirit of reducing, reusing, and recycling, opt to purchase a used car seat from a friend or online.

4. SPF for the Sun

A simple but effective way to guard your child’s skin against the penetrating rays of the sun is to apply sunscreen everyday before school. There are quite a few brands that offer eco-friendly sun protection-be sure you choose one of those.

5. Home Security Systems

Most homes have alarm systems to protect against theft or intruders. Systems like http://homesecurity911.com/ can also offer the incredible ability to monitor your house from your mobile device even when you’re out.

6. Put the Cell Phone Down

Another way to dramatically increase your safety when driving is to make a commitment not to talk on the phone or text while behind the wheel. Though both are illegal in some states, it is still difficult to resist picking up the phone or shooting a quick message.

Other drivers use hands free devices or GPS navigation from their phone. But even these activities can take your focus off the road and the other drivers around you. Try to set up everything like navigation or even music before you pull out of the driveway so that you can devote all your attention to driving.

7. Cap Your Electrical Outlets

This one is especially important for families with babies and toddlers who might be tempted to stick a curious finger in a socket. Purchase plastic plugs to make al your electrical sockets safe when they are not in use. Also, unplug and cap any outlets that you’re not using; even a printer in standby mode can use a lot of electricity.

8. Wash Your Hands

Take time to wash up before meals, after blowing runny noses or changing diapers. Regularly washing your hands and teaching kids to get in the habit, too, can truly reduce the germs that you come into contact with each day. Use soap that’s safe for the environment!

9. Read “Food” Labels

Lots of the fun colorful snacks kids are often attracted to contain harmful chemicals, dyes and processed products. Do what you can to read food labels and minimize the junk and fake ingredients which your children ingest. Feed your children organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible!

10. Talk a Lot

Keeping communication open between parents and children can make a huge dent in allowing children to feel comfortable talking about things that might come up in their lives at school, sports, with friends and any other places they might visit. It will also allow you to assure them of your love and their importance to you while making them aware of dangers and how to help protect themselves, too.

With these tips, you can help keep your family happy, health and safe.

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