What’s Really In Your Tap Water?

What’s Really In Your Tap Water?

Tap water, we need it every day don’t we? We use it to brush our teeth, cook our food, water our plants and to rehydrate ourselves. It is something we got used to from a very young age and very few of us have questioned it since. However, is tap water actually good for you? Is it a burden on the Earth and on our bodies? Here are some interesting facts about what is actually in your tap water, which may get you thinking.


There are hundreds of different types of pesticides used by the general public, and businesses, on a daily basis. When used, these chemical-based products can work their way into the ground, down drains and into rivers or other water sources. Although many eco-friendly households and companies have vouched not to use pesticides, there are still millions of people who use them regularly. Water suppliers do try to regulate contaminants, however most pesticides are not on their list of ‘dangerous chemicals’.

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Liquid chlorine is still used to remove certain bacteria from our drinking water, even though it has been banned in some countries for nearly 20 years. The gas from chlorine is extremely toxic, yet there are no limits to how much can be used to treat tap water throughout Europe. Water companies insist that using chlorine is safer than not treating the water at all, but high levels could have really negative impacts.

Toxic Metal Salts

Some of the following salts you’re about to read, might shock you. A typical glass of tap water has many of these toxic metal salts present, all of which can cause health problems:

  • Aluminium
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Radium

None of these toxic salts are desirable in anything, never mind water which many of us drink pints of in a day.

Making Tap Water Safer

There are other known contaminants in water, such as plastic and fluorides, that we really need to get rid of if we want our drinking water to be safe. There have been many questions raised with water companies, over the last few years, yet progress still seems a long way off. It is therefore vital that we bring in processes to make our own tap water safe for consumption. Devices such as H2Only Undersink Water Filters can be fitted, to filter out tap water before it reaches your glass. These clever inventions remove any of the nasty additions, with minimal effort on our part and no harm to the environment. Alternatively, if you have the time, then boiling the water and letting it cool before use will rid most of the chemicals before consumption. Bottled water is one more option, but the impact the plastic bottles have on our environment far outweighs the benefits.

You can always test the water in your home, before making a decision on what steps to take. If you’re unsure on how to do this then contact your water provider and they should be able to help. Hopefully, in the future, tap water will become safe and chemical free, but for now it is down to us to guarantee our own health and wellbeing.


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