Utilise Wood in the Home and Enjoy the Green Benefits

Utilise Wood in the Home and Enjoy the Green Benefits

The influx of super cheap pieces of furniture that have appeared on the market, may make it incredibly tempting for home owners to furnish their home on a budget. However, such moves may have negative repercussions in the future, for the homeowner and the wider environment.

Not only does wooden and timber furniture have a timeless quality and sense of understated class, it also brings with it a number of environmental benefits. Complementing both traditional and contemporary styles, wooden furniture can bring with it a multitude of benefits for the investor.

The first and most obvious benefit of wooden furniture as an environmental boon is the fact that it can be recycled and re-used in a wide variety of different manners. If you have a wooden table that you no longer need, it can be effectively re-shaped and re-worked into shelves or another furnishing. This instantly stops more trees being felled and more energy-draining manufacturing processes from being undertaken.

Large wooden furnishings can also serve to offer additional insulation in the home. Wooden staircases or other fixtures that line the interior of an external wall add an additional layer of insulation to the home.

Russell Harwood, Scala Interiors Director, revealed the hidden benefits of working with wood: “High grade wood acts as a quality insulator and can help buildings retain heat at a higher level than usual. This means that they may be able to leave the heating off for a longer time. Not only does this lower their energy bills but can also reduce their carbon emissions. I would certainly recommend using wooden materials where possible around the home, rather than synthetics.”

Synthetic materials, used for furnishings, such as plastics require significant manufacturing before they can be placed in the home. The factories that churn these furnishings out, emit excessive amounts of carbon during the production process.  Hand-crafted wooden furnishings will not incur such levels of energy consumption.

Additionally, wooden furniture crafted with high quality timber is incredibly durable and long-lasting. This means that you will not be driving out to Ikea every time that one of your larger relatives comes to visit and perches perilously upon it. Saving you the trip and the environment the undue fumes from your car.


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