How To Use A Well Pump To Supply Water

How To Use A Well Pump To Supply Water

If you want to become more independent from the local water supply and the high charges that go along with it you should consider using a well pump to supply water to your home or garden, like a Grundfos well pump.  You could do this by creating a shallow well by positioning a well point below the water table and running a pipe from this point to pump above the ground.  You will find some helpful advice about how to do this below.

First Step

Begin the process by cutting off the pipe that leads out of the well point.  You need to make sure that you cut the pipe as close as you possibly can to the well point, as this will make it easier for the well pump to supply water.

Second Step

Now you need to clean the pipe end and then glue a 1 1/4 inch PVC pipe thread to the part of the pipe that you just cut off.

Third Step

Next, you need to thread a 1 1/4 inch check valve onto the PVC pipe thread.  It doesn’t matter where you install the check valve in the pipe between pump and well point.  However, the closer it is to the well point, the easier it will be for you to prime the pump.

Fourth Step

Install your jet pump next and make sure you install it as close to the well point as possible.  The reason for this is simple – the closer your well pump is to the well point, the less work it will have to do to pull water from the ground.

Fifth Step

Thread a 1 1/4 male pipe thread onto a 1 1/4 inch PVC pipe adaptor into the inlet port of your jet pump.

Sixth Step

Use lengths of 1 1/4 inch pipe and other fittings, including any elbows, to route the pipe from the inlet fitting to the check valve.

Seventh Step

Finally, you need to connect your water system’s pressure tank to the well pump’s outlet port and you are then ready to take water from the well.

Some Helpful Warnings And Tips For Installing A Well Pump

You should remember that a jet pump can only extract water if the water table is around 25 feet from the surface.  Bear this in mind before you decide to buy a well pump and have alternative plans in mind if the water table is lower down than 25 feet.

You can use a post driver or water pressure (a technique known as jetting) to insert the pipe and well point.

It is sensible to install some form of union fitting between the well and the check valve, particularly if your well pump is going to be used for a garden watering or irrigation system and needs to be removed during winter time.  By doing this you will ensure that the water in the well pipe won’t freeze and that you can safely remove the well pump and disassemble the pipes.


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