Top Tips for Creating a Modern Living Room in Your Green Home

Top Tips for Creating a Modern Living Room in Your Green Home

Apart from when you are asleep, most of your time is probably spent relaxing in your living room. Either watching endless children’s programs on television, reading a good book, or enjoying a drink and a movie with your loved one.

Many people may, initially, assume that because you live a life of conservation and regeneration, your home resembles that of Tom and Barbara Good in the popular series from the 1970’s. A program that spurred a whole generation to rip up their back lawns and acquire chickens. However there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a contemporary room, within your green home, that makes a statement.


Here are a few ideas that may help you along the way in your renovations.


Remove all of that flowery wallpaper. Look at the condition of your walls underneath. If they need patching you will find tubs of ready-mixed products at your local DIY store. There really is no need to go out and buy a full bag of plaster these days.

Fill any cracks in the ceiling.

Do you prefer painted or varnished woodwork? That is entirely your choice, but if you wish to remove the paint, try using a heat gun as chemical strippers can be harmful to the skin, and the environment. They are also very expensive for the amount in the tins.

Paint the walls in the colour of your choice with maybe one wall that stands out in a different colour. If the woodwork is to be stained or varnished, I find the walls look better being a light colour.


Stick to plain, or carpets with geometric shapes as they are best in a contemporary room. Don’t have too many mixed patterns.

Maybe you have pets that shed a lot of hair and carpets are not right for you. There are lots of places now where you can find cheap laminate flooring. I am a fan of this product. Simple to lay and looks stunning in the contemporary setting. It is best if you replace your skirting boards at this point or else you will have to leave an expansion gap on each side of the room. Replacing the skirting boards also solves the problem of stripping the paint off them. Use a good quality underlay below the product. Laminate flooring is easy to clean, and requires very little maintenance once fitted.

Feature Fire

In almost every picture you will find the focal point is the fire. Maybe they are there more for decoration than heating, but they are an essential piece of the design. Possibly quite expensive, but perhaps worth it. Make a statement. Look around for the best deal.


Thanks to our swedish cousins, furnishing your room with very modern designer gear needn’t cost the earth. The range is vast, reasonably priced and of surprisingly good quality. Of course there are many shops in the high street that import the best bespoke pieces. The choice is yours.


Space age light fittings are now widely available. After all your hard work it would be a shame to relax and look at that old flowery lampshade in the middle of your ceiling. Replace your existing fittings with modern ones. LED lighting is the latest thing, giving a crisp light and using long lasting lamps. Money spent on lighting is well worth it as it can set the whole atmosphere.

So there we have it. It needn’t cost thousands to have a modern room in your green home. A little planning, elbow grease, and expense is all it takes. Be bold and reap the rewards.


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