The Many Advantages Of Bunded Storage Tanks

The Many Advantages Of Bunded Storage Tanks

If you have to keep large quantities of fuel, then the safest way to do this would be to use a bunded fuel storage tank.  You may be wondering what a bunded fuel tank is – it could be best and most directly described as a tank inside another tank.  A bunded tank has double thick steel walls which make it environmentally safe, accident proof and effective for storing fuel and similar liquids.  If you are still not convinced that bunded tanks are the best way to store petrol and other fuel, then the following article describing the many advantages may convince you otherwise.

They Are Versatile

As well as being used to store the aforementioned fuel and other liquids, bunded tanks can be used for storing waste oil and biodiesel, so they are very versatile.  Another side to their versatility is the fact that they can be easily transported and installed at a location of your choice.  Installation is direct and very simple and you can also opt for the fitting of extra equipment to meet your specific requirements.

They Are Durable

Bunded tanks are made incredibly strong.  The double wall of steel prevents the spilling and leaking of the dangerous and toxic liquids stored inside.  Even if the liquid leaks through the first wall, there is still another wall of steel that stops the chemicals from contaminating an area outside of the tank.  It should be pointed out though that spillage through the first wall, also known as the bund wall, is a very rare occurrence as bunded tanks have been built with the specific purpose of preventing any leaks or spillages.

They Are Very Cost Effective

The average bunded tank is capable of holding a very large amount of liquid, with the capacity ranging from 1,000 to 150,000 litres.  By storing this volume of fuel on site it means that people who need to refuel machines and vehicles won’t have to go elsewhere.  This reduces the cost and time that it normally takes to refuel without a bunded tank.  The fact that bunded tanks are very easy to install also means that there is less time and money set on the initial set-up.

They Are A Wide Range Available

When you look at the range of bunded tanks available, you will see that there are several types on sale.  The two that are probably the most popular are the Bunded Container Wraptank and the Bunded Wraptank.  While the bunded Wraptank is a more round and traditionally shaped tank, with standard tank fittings; the bunded container tank is an inventively designed traditionally tank shaped in a rectangle shape.  As this is a completelyself-supporting type of tank, it is very safe for internal access.  Another great aspect of this tank is that the bottom is visible, meaning it does not have to be lifted before you can inspect it.

It’s not hard to see that the cost effectiveness, versatility and durability of bunded tanks make them the best option for storing chemicals, fuels and other similar liquids.


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