Save Energy With Your Appliances: Simple Tips and Tricks

Save Energy With Your Appliances: Simple Tips and Tricks

Energy bills can often be ridiculously high (with no sign of getting lower), so many people wonder how they can lower their bills to a figure that’s more manageable. If you’re one of those people, we have some tips and tricks for you – anyone can follow them by simply taking a look at the appliances they already use around the home. Follow our tips and tricks for a simple way to save energy and money:

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Energy Saving Tips and Tricks

1. First of all, take a look at your fridge. Is there a few inches of space behind it? If not, you need to make sure there is, pronto! Air needs to freely circulate around the condenser coils, otherwise this appliance could be the one that uses the most energy.

2. Do you have dusty condenser coils? Take a look while you’re making space back there. If you do have dusty coils, it’s important that you keep them clean. Otherwise, your fridge will have to work harder and could even lead to a shorter fridge life. Use the hoover to suck up any pesky dust.

3. How cold is your fridge? Now take a look inside of your fridge, and make note of the temperature. Too cold, and you’ll waste energy! Try to get your fridge to around 37-40 degrees so your food is kept fresh but you don’t end up wasting energy.

4. If you’re not filling your fridge, you could be wasting a lot of energy. Either get a smaller fridge from Alexanders Direct or fill your fridge more effectively so the temperature is evenly distributed.

5. Check your fridge gasket while making all of the other changes to your fridge. Any cracks and you’ll need to get it fixed, otherwise you could suffer from very high bills!

6. If you can wash your clothes in cold water, then do so. A lot of the energy that is used by your washing machine is for warming the water!

7. If you have a clothes dryer, check the lint screen to make sure it’s clean. A clogged up lint screen can use up much more energy. It can even become a fire hazard!

8. Dry all of your clothes loads one after the other if you have piles of washing to dry. This will reduce warm up and drying times.

9. If you have a central air conditioner, the best setting for energy saving is ‘on’, believe it or not. Having it set to ‘auto’ can waste energy as the air isn’t circulated as evenly.

10. You can keep your central air conditioner working smoothly by turning the power off and cleaning the compressor with a garden hose.

With these tips, you can save energy, which means you’re being kinder to the environment and saving yourself money while you’re at it! You should notice a substantial decrease in your bills, so don’t hesitate to try out our tips and tricks as soon as possible to make the most of them!


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