The Perfect Guide To Creating An Eco-Friendly Bathroom

The Perfect Guide To Creating An Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is the room in which you use the most energy and water in the home. Many people find that their bathroom wastes a great deal of water and electricity. It is worth investing in an eco-friendly bathroom. In the short-term, this investment will cost you a little money, but after a while you will find that the investment saves you a lot.

Making your bathroom eco-friendly is an easy decision to make. By helping to save energy and water, you are saving the planet’s resources. It is a well-known fact that the earth is running out of natural resources. We must do everything that we can to save the world before it is too late. Making sure that your bathroom conserves as much energy as possible, won’t save the earth, but it is a good start. Here is the perfect guide to creating an eco-friendly bathroom.

Use Solar Power To Heat Your Water

Heating up water for baths and showers uses a lot of energy. Heating up a large water tank each time you want to take a shower is wasteful. You don’t use all the water from the tank, yet the tank heats all the water. Rather than using electricity from your mains to heat your water, you should look into other options. You should consider using a solar powered water heater. Installing solar panels onto the roof of your bathroom means that you can heat water using power generated by the sun. Getting solar panels won’t be cheap, but will save you energy and money in the long-run.

Install Energy Efficient Shower Heads

You should avoid having showers as much as possible. Showering wastes a lot of water, and you should be trying to conserve as much water as you can. Having baths is far better for the environment. If you can’t do without showers, though then you should install energy efficient shower heads. These shower heads will mean that when you do take a shower you use the least possible amount of water. Try and keep your showering time to under two minutes, as any longer wastes too much water.

Monitor How Much Water You Use

When you can, you should have a bath rather than a shower. By bathing and not showering you save water. You don’t have to make the common mistake of filling the bath up to the brim. You only need to fill your bath about half way to get clean. Invest in a bath that you can enjoy. P shape baths are beautiful and suit a variety of bathrooms. When you are happy with the bath, you are more likely to bathe rather than showering. You should keep track of how much water you use on a weekly basis. Try and limit yourself to having no more than three showers or baths a week.

Switch To Eco-Lighting

You should use energy-saving light bulbs, rather than traditional light bulbs in your bathroom. It is true that when you first turn on an energy-saving light it is dimmer than regular light bulbs. After a few moments, though the light bulb will be just as bright as any other bulb.

Use Low Flush Toilets

Every time you flush the toilet you are wasting water. Toilets tend can use up to two litres of water every time that you flush them. You should consider investing in a low flush toilet, which doesn’t use as much water as traditional toilet fittings. Saving this small amount of water each time you flush the toilet will help to save energy and water.


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