Interior Design Ideas That Will Make Your Rooms Attractive And Cut Fuel Bills

Interior Design Ideas That Will Make Your Rooms Attractive And Cut Fuel Bills

It is more important than ever to control the amount of energy we use in our home. Those with an environmental conscience care about the millions of tons of carbon dioxide we pump into the atmosphere every day. Fossil fuel power stations and transport are heavy polluters. Others worry about the size of their next electricity and gas bill.

Conserving energy doesn’t mean that we should give up on our interior design ideas. In fact, we can use some of the design elements to help us conserve power. If you are looking for  design inspiration, read on. You will find some brilliant ideas here that will help your project become a success.


Old houses with tall rooms are difficult to keep warm. Think about fitting a suspended ceiling to reduce the volume of the room and keep the heat down low where it belongs. You build it with a timber frame that attaches to the walls. Support the centre of the frame with lengths of wood screwed to the original ceiling joists. When the framework is rigid, cover it with plasterboard and skim it with a smooth finish. Use some top quality paint to complete the job. If you are not good on a stepladder, find some experienced painters in North London from Let others do the donkey work so you can spend your time on the enjoyable things.

Floor Covering

Some people think that laminate flooring is a cold, hard product to use  when you want to create a cozy atmosphere. If your rooms have concrete floors, laminate is the ideal solution. Before you install it, put a  layer of insulation down. Thin insulation comes on a roll, but for maximum warmth use a thick product that comes in squares. You place it on the floor and cut it where necessary. Lay the boards on top of it, and it will prevent the cold penetrating the rooms from below. Use rugs on top of the floor to make it comfortable underfoot if your room will benefit from them

Window Dressings

Window blinds are an attractive choice in modern rooms, but most of them offer little in the way of thermal insulation. You can fit some modern drapes, too, for use when the temperature drops. Curtains and blinds work well in combination.


Wing back chairs are coming back into style. They are comfortable and the wings stop any draughts


Some people who live in smokeless zones think that they cannot use solid fuel burners. That is nonsense, but they must use appliances that their local authority approve. Your local expert will advise you when you go shopping for one. Log fires look beautiful in any setting.

As you can see, you don’t need to be a genius to live in pleasant surroundings and save money too. Before you know it, your bills will come down, and your bank balance will be healthy. What more could you want? It sounds perfect to me.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.02.19

Chris Bohn



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