Intelligent Ways To Use Less Energy and Save Cash On Your Home Heating

Intelligent Ways To Use Less Energy and Save Cash On Your Home Heating

The cost of energy has risen so fast that many people are facing the choice of whether to keep warm or to eat. That is not an overstatement. Hundreds of thousands are forced to go to food banks for nourishment since the burden of the national debt has been placed squarely on the shoulders of the poor.

You might be struggling to pay your bills at the moment, and you can see a time in the future when you might lose your job. If you take action now, and invest any money you have, you can improve your home, so that it costs much less to heat than it does now. It will also ease your eco-conscience if you worry about the state of the planet.

The subject isn’t hard. The idea is to generate heat as efficiently as possible, and to hold onto it so that you do not need to make more. Yes, it is easier said than done. Here are some intelligent ways to use less energy and save cash on your home heating.


You must tackle the efficiency of your appliances first. The experts at PlumbArena say a boiler that is ten years old will use a lot more gas than its modern counterpart. Modern units are designed with efficiency in mind from the beginning. They receive a rating so that you can tell how efficient they are. Depending on the country, it could be a letter followed by a number of stars. In the United Kingdom, for example, a boiler rated A is better than one rated C.


Insulation is a massive subject to address. Here is the minimum that your house should feature.

  • There should be a layer of insulation in the loft at least eight inches thick. If you can afford more, it will be beneficial. You can add as many layers as you like, but when the weight of them starts to compress the insulation at the bottom, it loses efficiency.
  • If your home has cavity walls, you must check if they are empty. Make a hole in an inconspicuous place. Make it the size of half a brick so that you can see if there is any insulation present. You can’t install it yourself; pay a contractor to drill holes in the exterior wall and blow a product in with special machinery.


Though you can’t  make gas, you can install solar panels on the roof of your home for electricity. They are an expensive long term investment. They can generate all the power for your  appliances during the day, and even heat up a tank of hot water using an immersion heater. Hot water is a significant expense these days.


Jelene Morris


If your home has single glazing, I advise you to fit new windows while you can afford it. You are losing a fortune in heat through the glass. Double glazing isn’t perfect, but it will help you to keep the house warm, so the thermostat won’t activate as often as it does now.

There you have it. I think those who can afford it should invest in these improvements now. You never know what is around the corner, but you can relax in the knowledge that you will not be cold should the worst happen. That is about all we can do these days; I hope you agree.


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