Indispensable Advice To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint At Home

Indispensable Advice To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint At Home

We face many dilemmas these days, but I think the biggest one is how to lower our energy consumption at home. The experts say that the planet is reaching crisis point thanks to the activity of man, and we must do something to stop the changes now. Of course, the soaring cost of gas and electricity is another reason to cut consumption. The sickening profits the providers make while many people must make a choice between warmth and food are unfair, but it looks as if our politicians support them.

There are many ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, and we are going to investigate some of them today. The ideas could ease your conscience and bring those bills down. You may have to invest in new technology in the beginning, but that will pay for itself many times over during its lifespan.

Switch To A Low Carbon Supply

Most energy providers have tariffs that sell renewable energy. They sometimes cost a little more than a standard deal, but not always. By switching to them, you encourage further investment in green energy.

Insulate Your Home Well

When you generate heat within your home, it is vital that it doesn’t escape through draughty windows and doors or the roof. Insulate your home well, beginning with the loft. Hot air rises and the heat will transfer out of the roof if you let it.

Protect the walls of your home too. If they feature cavities, contractors can blow insulation into them.

Solar Power

Installing solar panels on your roof is a significant investment, but they start to pay for themselves immediately. The power they generate will help to run the appliances in your home and any extra will earn money. You export it onto the grid, and the suppliers pay you for it. That goes towards the cost of any power you take from the grid at night when the solar array isn’t generating for you.


Abri le Roux

Hot Water

You may not have heard of ductless heat pumps, but you will in the future. They use technology to extract heat from the air outside and transfer it to your hot water system. Think about your refrigerator in the kitchen. It is always cold on the inside yet the radiator on the back of it is hot. A heat pump works in the same way. The system utilises the heat from the radiator to warm the water in your house. They reckon it is an efficient way of getting hot water.

There are also solar hot water systems available that take energy from the sun. That energy heats the water for free. They work whenever the sun shines, even on cold days.

Wind Power

Though it is not as reliable as solar panels, you could install a wind turbine in your garden. They make a lot of energy when they are running at full speed, and you can either use it, export it or store it in a battery bank for use later via an inverter.

As mentioned earlier, some investment is necessary to fit the latest technology. You will recoup that money by the reduction in your bills over the next decade or two. After that they run at a profit for you. They might even be the first step towards an off-grid life. That is a dream for many people these days.


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